Contribution of AGEPI in the development of the intellectual property national system: 15-th anniversary of the activity


The 15-th anniversary of the State Agency on Intellectual Property constitutes an event having a special resonance for the integral community of the researchers, authors, applicants, owners and representatives in industrial property of our country. “This festive reunion offers the possibility to perform our common realizations into an attempt to recover the human creativity value, to appreciate the importance thereof and to protect legally the outcomes of the intellectual work of hundreds and thousands researches, inventors, creators of this part of Europe, to constitute and to keep functioning in the Republic of Moldova an intellectual property system for the welfare of the people that is a unique spiritual wealth”. With these words Mr. Dorian Chirosca, the Director General of AGEPI opened the manifestation dedicated to the 15-th Jubilee of the AGEPI.

Thus, on current October 2008 in the Chisinau Palace of the Republic was held the National seminar “Intellectual Property Management: Innovation, Promotion and Technologic Transfer”, organized by AGEPI in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In the seminar took part the head specialists of WIPO, Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO), State Office on Inventions and Trademarks of Romania (OSIM), State Patent Office of Kirghizstan (Kyrgyzpatent), Romanian Office on Copyright (ORDA). At the opening there was consigned a fact that “ among the first Decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova there are those ones related to the State Agency on Copyright (ADA) of November 25, 1991 and on the foundation of the State Agency on Industrial Property Protection (AGEPI) of May 25, 1992, constituting the basis of the national intellectual property system. Further there were adopted two Decisions of the Gouvernment of the Republic of Moldova: of February 25, 1992 approving the Regulation of the State Agency on Copyright and of September 8, 1992 approving the Regulation and structure of the Agency on Industrial Property Protection (AGEPI)”.

During those two days there were represented the following reports:

  • “Contribution of the intellectual property on the national development: the experience of 15 years” (Dorian Chirosca, director general of AGEPI, Ion Daniliuc, vice-director general of AGEPI);
  • “The innovation and technologic transfer activity: the experience of the Republic of Moldova” (acad. Gheorghe Duca, president of ASM);
  • “Promotion of the innovations, commercializing of the inventions and research results”(Vladimir Yossifov, counselor OMPI, Geneva);
  • “Innovation, research-development: obtaining the benefits of the intellectual property” (Patricia Simao Sartorius, responsible de program, Section PI economical development, WIPO, Geneva);
  • “Patenting on the national, regional and international level” (Khabibullo Fayazov, vice-president EAPO, Moscow);
  • “Cooperation between universities and research-development institutes” (Vladimir Yossifov, consilier OMPI, Geneva);
  • “Intellectual property in the frame of the business affairs and importance thereof in the national trademarks protection” (Patricia Simao Sartorius, responsible for the program, IP Section and economical development, WIPO, Geneva);
  • “Modalities of the intellectual property administration: experience of the Republic of Moldova” (Iurie Badar, Head Direction Economy and Finances, AGEPI).

On October 19 in the Press Agency “INFOTAG” there was organized a press conference dedicated to the reunion results. “Republic of Moldova is leader in protection of the intellectual property rights among the CIS countries” estimated in the frame of the conference Serghei Zotin, the superior legal counselor of the Section on the Europe and Asia countries, WIPO. Mr. Zotin remarked a fact that Moldova signed the most number of international conventions and agreements in comparison with other CIS countries and is included in those 10 countries the scientists of which obtain each year the WIPO awards. Today the Republic of Moldova has 24 inventors mentioned with Gold Medals of WIPO and 7 enterprises-holders of WIPO Trophy “Innovative Enterprise”.

These two days in the grand hall of the Palace of the Republic took place the Solemn reunion dedicated the 15-th Jubilee of the intellectual property national system foundation. The Reunion was open by Dorian Chirosca, director general of AGEPI who had felicitated the collective on the Jubilee, thanking the collaborators for their personal contribution in the creation and consolidation of the IP national system. The words of gratitude were expressed in address of the first director general of AGEPI Me Eugen Stashcov who lays the foundation of AGEPI and simultaneously of the IP national system, as well of the other general directors of ADA and AGEPI: Mr. Mihail Cius, Mr. Andrei Afanasiev, Mr. Nicolae Taran si Mr. Stefan Novac.

The collaborators of AGEPI were felicitated by the institutions: acad. Gh. Duca, presedint ASM, Mr. S. Zotin, consilier juridic principal, WIPO, Geneva, K. Fayazov, vice-president EAPO, Moscova, G. Varga, director general OSIM, Romania, E. Vasiliu, vice-directorul general ORDA, Romania, K. Ormushev, state secretary, Kyrgyzpatent, Mr. V. Carare, directorul general National Agency on Concurence Protection, N. Ciocan, director general SA „MOLDEXPO”, P. Chetrus, prorector SUM, V. Dorogan, pro-rector TUM, N. Solcan, president Union of Inventors and Rationalizers of the Republic of Moldova et all.

In the frame of the solemn reunion there were remarked a part of specialists AGEPI awarded by the government of the republic of Moldova, Academy of sciences of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova and AGEPI with diploma of excellence and the veterans were mentioned with diplomas of honour of AGEPI and money awards.