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Contest on the Selection of Inventions for the Purpose of Their Promotion in the International Inventions Fair ISIF’18 in Turkey


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) announces a Contest on the selection of 4 inventions from the Republic of Moldova for the purpose of participating in the third edition of the International Inventions Fair ISIF’18, to be held on 27-29 September 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event is organized by the Turkish Patent Institute under the patronage of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA).

ISIF’18 aims at promoting new products and innovations, interconnecting inventors with investors, creating new financing opportunities for developing innovative products and strengthening business networks.

AGEPI invites natural persons and legal entities from the Republic of Moldova (institutions in the sphere of science and innovation and of pre-university, university and post-university education, enterprises and organizations with different forms of ownership), the activity of which results in intellectual creation products, to apply to the Contest until 23 August 2018. Participation in the International Inventions Fair ISIF’18 is possible without the registration fee.

Thus, AGEPI intends to promote at the Agency’s stand some inventions from the Republic of Moldova, based on the Regulation on the Organization and Conduct of the Contest on the Selection of Inventions, Products and New Technologies in the Republic of Moldova with a view to their promotion in international specialized exhibitions.

For further details you can call: 022-400-597 or write to the email address:

The regulation can be found here:

More details about the International Inventions Fair ISIF’18 can be found here:

The registration form can be found below.

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