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Competition Trademark of the Year-2009”


It started VII edition of the Republican Competition “Trademark of the Year”.In the competition may participate enterprises and organizations with diverse forms of ownership, legal person registered in Moldova producing material goods and / or rendering services within the country. Participants will present marks of products / services for the entire range or individual trademarks for specific products / services of the company, and combinations thereof.

The Competition “Trademark of the Year” was initiated in 2003 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (ICC) and then is carried every year in collaboration with the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI). Through the competition,there are revealed the most effective ways to promote trademarks, original creaions of the brand, and the degree of trademarks recognition among consumers.

According to the Regulation, to the competition shall be admitted only trademarks that, at the time of application for participation, are registered by AGEPI and are valid on our territory. Also, in the competition may participate and foreign holders of trademarks valid in Moldova.

Nominations for the competition:

A. Nomination under the criteria of consumptionr:

  • the trademark “CONSUMER APPRECIATION”

B. Nominations according to the criteria of professionalism:

  • the trademark “New name”;
  • the trademark “EXPORT”
  • the trademark “INTER”
  • the trademark “PROFI”
  • the trademark socially responsible
  • the trademark “Reputation and Trust” (closed nomination).

At this year's edition in November two new nominations were introduced: “PROFIT” and “Reputation and Trust”. Another new element is the way of research and analysis of the evolution of trade marks: traditional population surveys is carried out on a larger sample at the beginning and the end of the year. At last year's edition the economic agents contested 95 trademarks.

Applications for participation in this year's edition may be submitted to the ICC, to December 20, 2009. Traditionally, the official awards ceremony will take place in the frame of the national exhibition “Made in Moldova”.

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