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The competition of Grants of the American CRDF Fund


The scientists of Moldova represented 10 projects elaborated in the collaboration with the representatives of the autochthonous businessmen at the competition of grants in the frame of the program STEP (Science & Technology Enterpreneurship Program), maintained by the American Civil Researches Development Fund (CRDF), in the cooperation with the Researches Development Association of Moldova (MRDA), Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Agency on Innovation and Technologies Transfer of ASM (AITT) and “EFES Moldova Vitanta Brewery”.

The presentation of the projects held on October 26, 2006 in the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) in the frame of the II Conference on the Development of the partnership between the science and the business. In the conference took part above 120 representatives of the governmental and nongovernmental commercial organization.

Lidia Romanciuc the executive director of MRDA précised that initially in the competition that was announced in July 2006 there were represented 16 projects among which 10 projects were selected on the base of competition held in August according to the results of the local and extern examination. Thus, the jury formed of the Moldavian and American specialists examined those 10 projects giving the priority to 8 of them, which will be financed by the MRDA-CRDF-AITT. The grant value for a project is 15 thousand USD.

Moreover the MRDA lanced a new WEB page: www.step.mrda.md onto which there will be exposed the works of the scientists, the problems that have businessmen and the mode of solution thereof with the assistance of the scientists, variety of programs and grants offered by the national organizations and international funds for maintaining the partnership between science and business.

List of the innovational projects of the competition:
1. Implementation and optimization the mass producing of the active coal, using the nontraditional raw material. Authors: dr. hab. Tudor Lupascu, Institute of Chemistry, ASM, Constantin Cojocari, Colitmas-Export LTD;
2. The hydrolisis of the biogas stabil components. Authors: dr. Victor Covaliov, Scientific Research Centre of the Applied Chemistry and Ecology, Ion Plugaru, „Vinaria Bardar” SA;
3. Application and improving the utilization of the remedy „Reglalg” for the treatment of autumn wheat seeds before sawing with the scope to increase the resistance and productivity thereof. Authors: dr. Alexandru Dascaliuc, Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, ASM, Anatol Placinta, Fortina-Labis SRL;
4. Optimization of the technology of obtaining the fungicide on the base of copper. Authors: dr. Aliona Mereuta, SUM, Veaceslav Semeniuc, Experimental Chimical Enterprise „Izomer”;
5. The sensor for measuring the volume of fuel in the auto camions tanks with the possibility of the distance data transfer in the real time (SECC). Authors: Mihai Enachi, Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei, Nicolae Chistruga, GPS Sistem SRL;
6. The apparatus with the feedback for treating the water in the heat exchangers. Authors: dr. Mihail Poleacov, The Counsel of the Inventors and Rationalizers of Moldova, Eugen Pirin, Company MGM;
7. Elaboration of an electronic three-phase converter for regulation of the asynchronous engine up to 2,2 kWt. Authors: Vladimir Goremichin, Alexandru Catan, Mezon SA;
8. Implementation of the nuts growing technologies. Authors: dr. Alexandru Jolondcovschi, Unity of Nut Production Associations, Sveatoslav Botorovschi, Gospodaria Taraneasca „Sveatoslav Botorovschi”.

We send our congratulations and wishes of success in the implementation of the projects of all the winners!