The Author of the Best Logo of the Observatory on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Has Been Announced


On December 30, 2015, within the State Agency on Intellectual Property was held the award ceremony of the winner of the contest for the best logo design of the Observatory on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. This is about Lutcan Alexandru. The author of the best logo has received a monetary award amounting to 2000 lei.

The event was attended by the participants in the contest, experts within AGEPI and representatives of the Customs Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the opening ceremony, the Director General of AGEPI, Octavian Apostol, thanked the participants for their involvement and urged them to go in for the contests organized by the AGEPI.

Subsequently, Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, has initiated a discussion on piracy and counterfeiting phenomena and, in general, on infringements of intellectual property rights.

Participants were open to discussions and actively got involved in them. Towards the end of the ceremony, young people were encouraged to be active and react appropriately when facing such phenomena.
Also, participants presented their works explaining to those present the ideas behind the creation of actual logos.

Thirteen persons with 19 works participated in the contest. The requests for participation in the contest were examined by the members of the Organizing Committee. When analyzing the concepts, logo originality, design creativity and logo representativeness in relation to the requested theme were taken into account.

We note that, the Observatory on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights was established on 29 July 2011, by order of the Director General of AGEPI. Observatory`s activities focus on four priority directions, namely monitoring enforcement of intellectual property rights; promoting enforcement of intellectual property rights; cooperating with public authorities and rightholders and informing the World Trade Organization on the implementation of TRIPS Agreement.