Attention for the Database Trademarks on-line users!


The consecutive modernization of the IPO protection system, collecting and disseminating information related to IP protection, and improving its activities in order to increase the effectiveness of cooperation between the institution and the beneficiaries of this system are the basic objectives of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI).

In this context, AGEPI brings to the attention of that persons (applicants, owners, patent attorneys e.t.c.) that the database trademarks is available on-line at was completed with the option of viewing the fees paid to perform actions with legal significance, related to the examination procedures of the application and of legal protection of a trademark.

By implementing the option in question, beneficiaries are provided with fast and efficient technologies, which allow monitoring of the timeliness of payment of fees prescribed by the legislation* in order to perform the procedure for registration and maintenance in force of the Marks.

* The amount of fees is established under Government Decree No. 774 of 13. 08. 1997 on fees for services with legal significance in the field of intellectual property protection, amended and completed by Government Decision No. 878 of July 18, 2008.