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AGEPI works with the Economic Agents to promote Intellectual Property


On 18 August this year, the representative of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated in a public event, dedicated to the Diaspora Days in the Republic of Moldova, organized by the Project “Migration and Local Development” (MiDL) together with the mayoralties of Selemet, Cimișlia, Carpineni and Hincesti.

The event was also attended by Andrea Cuzyova, representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), who welcomed the sustainable partnership of mayoralties with the native Associations of and reiterated UNDP’s continued support, including in identifying and registering local brands.

During the meeting were discussed aspects of intellectual property, especially those related to the protection of trademarks (registration method, registration fees, reductions from which some categories of applicants can benefit, etc.), being distributed leaflets, brochures and promotional materials in this regard.

The local public administration authorities have shown interest in organizing similar events, with the participation of AGEPI, in order to familiarize the local economic agents with the trademark registration procedure.