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AGEPI Supports Women Entrepreneurs


On March 30, Lilia Bolocan, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), participated in the event: WE Accelerate - 10 Champions, organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network GEN Moldova. During the event, 10 women, who support through various activities female entrepreneurship, shared their experience.

Thus, the AGEPI Director General talked about the role of creativity and innovations for economic development and the importance of intellectual property protection, presenting the services offered by AGEPI and the opportunities that entrepreneurs can benefit from registering their own trademarks, industrial design, as well as patenting inventions and new varieties of plants.

The WE Accelerate: 10 Champions event is part of the project to strengthen the community of women entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova. Through this event, the organizers set themselves as an object to strengthen the community of women entrepreneurs at regional, local, national level and to help connect them to national and international expertise through collaborations on the development of local entrepreneurial ecosystem through advocacy, the growth of entrepreneurial culture and mentality and its promotion, with the help of local cooperation with different regions of the Republic of Moldova.