AGEPI, partner of local stage of the European engineering competition EBEC


In the period 26-27 March, in Chisinau, took place the eighth edition of the local stage of the European engineering competition EBEC.

The competition was organized by BEST Chisinau, exclusively for students of the Technical University of Moldova.

In order to support and stimulate creative ideas and inventions, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated as a partner in this competition.

40 students from UTM, grouped into ten teams, have struggled to get the title of best project in the competition. The teams were divided into two sections, namely Case Study and Team Design.

In the Case Study trial, the five participating teams have developed, within 8 hours, without access to the Internet, a plan for redevelopment of the Central Market and bus station territory in Chisinau. The participants came up with creative, innovative and original ideas, so that the area may become modern and safe for passers-by, buyers or sellers. After the judging, in the Case Study trial won the team “Spinner”.

The Team Design trial was found to be interactive and fun. Participants tested their skills of engineer-inventor. The five selected teams had the task of creating a prototype called Fireball – a fireball of unconventional materials, such as plastic, sticks, paper or glue. Inside this device must have been placed a LED sphere, which rotating, must shine. In the Team Design trial the jury designated as winning the team “New level”.

The winning students were awarded medals and a TUM scholarship each.

Teams “Spinner” and “New level” will go to the regional round, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, in April this year. Winners of the regional round will move to the European Finals in Belgrade, where they will compete with the best participants from around Europe.