AGEPI participated in the International Intellectual Property Mediation Conference


The 2nd edition of the International Intellectual Property Mediation Conference, organized by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), took place from 29 to 31 May 2019, in Alicante, Spain, which was also attended by the AGEPI representative. The conference sessions were attended by about 400 people – EUIPO leading experts, as well as in the field of jurisprudence, national and international institutions, representatives of national intellectual property offices from 28 EU and non-EU member states, academia, providers as well as users of mediation services, mediators, lawyers who have approached a wide range of mediation and added value issues for small and medium-sized enterprises and the impact of mediation in administrative and judicial proceedings.

The main objective of the conference was the exchange of knowledge and experiences of top speakers in the field of IP and mediation, who have provided their own perspective on the contemporary mediation segment as an increasingly sought-after method of IP dispute resolution, both for the staff of EU and non-EU intellectual property offices and mediators, lawyers, judges as well as users and beneficiaries of mediation.

The conference addressed a number of themes such as the added value of mediation; mediation trends and practices in various IP areas around the globe, including the practice of the WIPO and EUIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centers; judicial IP mediation; artificial intelligence and mediation; intervention and influencing skills in IP disputes; hybrid and cutting-edge mediation techniques such as med-arb, arb-med, coaching and pre-consulting, among other practices.

More extensive information on the Conference and its presentations can be found on the EUIPO website: