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AGEPI Competition “Trophy for innovation and creativity”


In the International Specialized Exhibition” INFOINVENT”, which will take place at the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo”, between November 24-27, 2009, there will be announced results of the V-th competition “Trophy for innovation and creativity”.

The competition “Trophy for innovation and creativity” is organizing by AGEPI from 2003 in order to identify the holders of the most impressive portfolios of industrial property, promoting the image of their national market for products and services and stimulate entrepreneurial activity based on innovation, research and creativity.

The contest is open to applicants / owners of the titles of protection of industrial property protection objects in Moldova.

The contest is organized on the basis of statistical information contained in databases AGEPI (inventions, trademarks for products and services, industrial designs, plant varieties) and reflects the work of patent / registration period September 1 (last year) - August 31 (current year) for the institutions in the field of science and innovation and enterprise of production / services.

The trophy will be awarded at the award ceremony of winners in the frame of the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2009”.

The works related to the organization and holding the contest are made by the Awarding Commission of AGEPI “The trophy for innovation and creativity”, which activity is regulated by contest Regulation.

We recall that in 2003, at the first competition, the Trophy was won by “Salcuja SRL”, in entrepreneurship field - production and services, and MSU in the field of research and development and higher education; laureates of the edition II of competition became United Wine Company SRL, and UTM; edition III – the enterprise EUROALCO SRL and SUM; in the edition IV - SMPhU “N. Testemitanu”.