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AGEPI and Tourism Agency intensify Cooperation Relations


On March 24, 2017, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Octavian Apostol, met with Director General of the Tourism Agency, Stanislav Rusu.

The purpose of the meeting was to deepen the dialogue between the AGEPI and Tourism Agency, as well as to identify the directions of cooperation of mutual interest.

Among the topics discussed were promotion of the sustainable development at local, regional, national level through joint programs, strengthening of relationships to increase the visibility of products and regions with geographical indication potential and participation and organization of joint promotional events.

AGEPI Director General thanked the Director General of the Tourism Agency for the involvement and openness to the field of intellectual property and cooperation with the State Agency on Intellectual Property. “By promoting the visibility of producers and local products, we’ll promote Moldova’s image in general. Only through joint efforts we can contribute to the increase in the level of knowledge of the field of intellectual property and the economic development of the Republic of Moldova”, said Octavian Apostol.

Also, AGEPI Director General informed the management of Tourism Agency that AGEPI benefits from a project funded by the European Union, namely “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Republic of Moldova. A component of the project is dedicated to the development of the system of geographical indications. Thus, Octavian Apostol invited the Tourism Agency to participate in the project activities, intended to support producers in identifying and promoting traditional quality products.

In turn, Stanislav Rusu said that the Tourism Agency is interested in intensifying cooperation with the AGEPI and developing common projects which ultimately will lead to market promotion of domestic products with high added value, diversification of touristic offers, etc.

Finally, it was agreed on drafting and signing a bilateral cooperation agreement between the AGEPI and Tourism Agency, in order to promote Moldova’s image.