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Recently, on the AGEPI site was placed a new Bibliographical Database – “Inventions (1963-1992)”, which includes bibliographic data on 5478 inventions created by inventors from the Republic of Moldova, including in collaboration with inventors from other countries, which were published in 1963-1992 and were protected by certificates of authorship of the USSR.

DB “Inventions 1963-1992” was created on the basis of the Index “Inventions created in the Republic of Moldova, 1963-1992", published by AGEPI on paper carrier in 1997. The index was compiled by a group of employees of the Republican Scientific Techno- Economic Library of the Republic of Moldova. The Index did not include secret and the non-public documents (with the initials “ДCП”) and those proceeded from applicants as natural persons.

The new database can be freely accessed on the website or via the link “AGEPI DB” / “Inventions (1963-1992)” or the link “Inventions”/” Databases”/”DB Inventions (1963 -1992)”.

This database contains several documentable fields, including denomination and classification, and can be useful for comparative statistical research, assessment of the portfolios of certificates of authorship of the former USSR, etc.

For subjective reasons of collecting and translating the primary information for the Index, the accuracy of data varies, depending on the used language. For completeness we strongly recommend first searching into Romanian.