Advertisement to the Holders of International Trademarks Originating in the Republic of Moldova


To the address of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) have been received more information from the holders of international trademarks originating in the Republic of Moldova, where is mentioned the receipt of letters from various international institutions, inviting them to pay fees for publishing their marks in publications which appear to be of an official nature, and which, de facto, have nothing in common with the registers of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Some of these establishments use signs similar to the WIPO logo or name, thereby misleading the applicants as to the source of documents sent.

In the context of the above, both the International Bureau of WIPO, by the warning published on its website (, and AGEPI, notifies users of the Madrid System that this information has no legal effect. Registration of international marks, different entries or changes is published in the WIPO Gazette, the only official publication of the International Bureau.

All fees are to be paid by the applicant to the International Bureau either directly in Swiss francs or through the Office of Origin at the time of filing the application.

The “ROMARIN” database containing information regarding international applications/registrations, subsequent changes, can be viewed online free of charge on WIPO’s website (