The 18th anniversary since the foundation of AGEPI


On 8 September 2010 the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) turns 18 years since its foundation. On the basis of its establishment were the Presidential Decree of 25 May 1992 on the establishment of the State Agency on Industrial Property Protection and the Government Decision of 8 September 1992 on the approval of the Regulations on the activity and structure of AGEPI. Under the Code on Science and Innovation and the Government Decision no. 1016 of 13 September 2004, the State Agency on Industrial Property Protection has merged with the State Agency for Copyright, the new institution received the name that currently wears.

By virtue of its mission to afford a secure legal protection of intellectual property, to support and boost the innovation process and competitiveness of the research and development institutions, enterprises and organizations in the Republic of Moldova in the field of creativity, AGEPI successfully realizes its program of receiving, examining and granting protection to intellectual property objects (IPO), which shows an economic interest for both authors and national economy as a whole.

Through its work to raise awareness of society about the need to protect the intellectual capital in the same way as any other property, the IPO registration, information, training, promotion and support for inventors and creative people, international collaboration, AGEPI makes a substantial contribution to the development of intellectual property in the country and the effective integration of the national system of IP in the international protection process, thus making the state policy and defending the national interests in this field of a paramount importance.

In the last two years there took place great changes in the field of intellectual property law. The need to adjust the rules governing the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in our country to European and international standards resulted in the development by the Agency and subsequent adoption by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova of five new laws in the field of protection of IPO (inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, plant varieties, geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed) and the regulatory framework for the implementation of these laws.

Also, on 2 July 2010 was adopted by the Parliament the Law on Copyright and Related Rights in the new version, following the harmonization with the acquis communautaire in the field, which will come into force at the expiration of three months from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

In coordination of activities and ensuring interaction between ministries, other central administrative authorities, holders of rights on development and strengthening of the national IP system, combating and preventing violations of intellectual property rights, fighting piracy and counterfeiting, import and marketing of counterfeited products an important role plays the National Commission for Intellectual Property, established by the Government Decision no. 489 of 29.03.2008. Four working groups will be created within the Commission responsible for the examination of the existing problems in the mentioned fields and advancement of recommendations for their solution.

Patenting/registration of intellectual property objects in the priority areas constitute that engine of economic, social and cultural progress so much required by our republic. Statistical data show that despite economic difficulties, the community of researchers, inventors, authors and composers, performers, artists is still a creative activity. From 1993 to 1 September 2010 102,142 applications for protection of intellectual property objects have been filed with the Agency, including 99, 068 applications for industrial property objects and 3,074 applications for objects protected by copyright and related rights. Of these, 27,615 applications were submitted by national applicants and 74,527 applications - by foreign applicants.

In that period AGEPI issued, on behalf of the state, 28,426 titles of protection, including 25, 680 titles of protection for industrial property objects and 2,746 titles of protection for objects protected by copyright and related rights.

It should be mentioned that on 1 September 2010 about 42,000 international trademarks, registered under the Madrid Agreement procedure, were valid in the Republic of Moldova, about 3,200 registrations of industrial designs by the Hague Agreement procedure, about 800 appellations of origin registered by the Lisbon Agreement procedure, 1,064 national patents and 3,361 Eurasian patents.

On the occasion of the celebration, on September 8 a festive meeting will be held with the Agency. The staff members, who have turned 10 or 15 years of activity in the institution, will be awarded diplomas and prizes.

A special moment of celebration will be handing of patent no. 4000, short-term patent no. 100 and trademark registration certificate no. 20000, as follows: patent no. 4000 "Process for detecting latent heat leaks in heating systems", authors Victor Covaliov, Iacob Gutu, Vitalie Jalba, etc., owner - State University of Moldova, short-term patent no. 100 for " Line for primary processing of fruit raw material", author Vasile Ciobanu, Andrei Ciobanu, owner - Institute of Applied Physics of the ASM, trademark registration certificate no. 20,000 for the trademark "Odoras" (magazine for parents).

Due to the support provided by the Agency, a myriad of inventors, writers and artists from the Republic of Moldova has become known and recognized in the world, in the front line being those 26 winners of the WIPO Gold Medal "Outstanding Inventor" and five laureates of the WIPO Gold Medal "For Creativity". 

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