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AGEPI participated in the Annual Conference “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library - From Text to Bits”


The specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated on 19 October in the annual Conference “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library - From Text to Bits”. The event took place in online format in the context of marking the “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library (ML) Days, dedicated to the 144th anniversary of the institution.

The annual conference brought together librarians, scientific researchers, library managers from Romania and the Republic of Moldova and experts in the field of copyright, in order to discuss the latest trends in the creation of digital content platforms.

This year’s event mobilized specialists to implement the already developed intelligent technological solutions, and also to channel their efforts on investing resources and forces for the creation and development of information heritage and electronic content, which will support the improvement of quality in the field of digital skills of Chisinau residents and the presence of the library in the virtual environment. Thus, the 2021 edition of the Conference focused on the following topics:

  • Exploring the experiences of public libraries in the creation and use of digital content;
  • Expansion and use of Digital Library in the Municipal Library.

About copyright and the legal framework for libraries, exceptions and limitations in the field of copyright for libraries, the impact of copyright on the practices of digitization of book collections owned by libraries, and also about the ways of obtaining the economic rights, from the holder, in the editions in the term of copyright protection, spoke Andrei Moisei, principal consultant, AGEPI Communication and Training Division, spoke about the editions in the term of copyright protection. The AGEPI specialist also addressed the issue of the limits of copyright protection in the activities of digital libraries, the problems that the library may face in the process of digitizing and managing databases of electronic collections, including solutions to prevent and overcome these problems.

The “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library supports the development of information products and services with the support of information and communication technology, stimulates the expansion of access and connectivity with users, supports the creation and development of digital content and electronic services, contributing to increasing the potential of citizens to use the benefits offered by ICT sphere.

On the second day of the “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library Days, on October 20, the “Digital Library” Marathon will be organized, which will bring together the 27 branches, for 8 hours, to develop and use on the WB digital content by selective digitization of Hasdeuiana collection (books, magazines, manuscripts) and publication of electronic books created in the WB Digital Library (opac.hasdeu.md).