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The First Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) in the Republic of Moldova was filed for Registration with AGEPI


The matter is about the traditional Moldavian dessert “Plums Stuffed with Walnut Kernel”, its specific ingredients are the dried plums the kernels of which are replaced with walnut kernel. The name proposed for registration “Plums Stuffed with Walnut Kernel” is accompanied by the mention “made in accordance with the tradition of the Republic of Moldova” and may be preceded by the mention “Moldova Dessert”.

Starting from the necessity to offer this traditional Moldovan dessert an adequate legal protection and to preserve it as a product of the national patrimony, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova (MADRM) initiated the procedure for its registration as a traditional specialty guaranteed.

Thus, on December 27, 2018, MADRM approved the specifications of the TSG “Plums Stuffed with Walnut Kernel”, which contains the product description, including the main physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics demonstrating its specific character; a description of the production method to be followed by the producers including the nature and characteristics of the used raw materials and ingredients and the method by which the product is prepared and the essential elements defining its traditional nature. It is also indicated that the competent authority empowered to check compliance with the specifications (Inspection and Certification Body of the S.E. “Center for Applied Metrology and Certification”, MD).

On April 17, 2019, MADRM filed with AGEPI the application for the registration of TSG “Plums Stuffed with Walnut Kernel”. The application data were published in the Official Bulletin of Intellectual Property (BOPI) No. 6/2019, including reference to publication of the specifications. Thus, the general public can consult this information, and people with a legitimate interest are entitled, within three months, to formulate an opposition to registration.

After registering plums stuffed with walnut kernel as TSG, any person who will produce/prepare this dessert according to the production method described in the specifications will be able to use in relation to this product the mention “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed” and/or the national symbol associated with it, and consumers will be assured that the product is genuine, prepared according to traditional recipes.