The Concourse of entrance at the Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova


The social-economic development of the country is in the direct ratio with the evolution of the human potential.

Valuation of the human resources, raising the level of national staff skill and improvement of abilities are the key-factors of creation of the society based on the knowledge. In this context, the trend of formation of gifted and competent staff, able to use in the effective mode the knowledge and new technologies is especially actual.

In order to create selected and favorable conditions of development and manifestation of the intellectual abilities of children of the pre-university education and in order to realize the Program “The gifted children”, approved by the Decision of the Government No. 347 of March 23, 2005, it was founded a Lyceum of Academy of Sciences of Moldova. In order to provide qualified education process it will be used both a material basis of the institutions of the Academy and the scientific stuff of high professional skill.

There are following objectives of the activities of Lyceum:

  • detecting, promotion and education of gifted pupils under all the aspects of development and integration thereof in the modern society;
  • providing the high skill in teaching and education, by application of the modern educational strategies and technologies;
  • identification and valuation of the individual capacities of each pupil;
  • preparation and initiation of the pupils in the fundamental and applied scientific research, stimulation of the pupil’s creativity, cultivation of the spirit of creation discoveries and innovations;
  • harmonized development of pupil’s personality, education thereof in the spirit of national and common to all mankind human values;
  • formation of an absolvent well trained, with managerial abilities, able to form a proper career and to integrate actively in the social life.

The entrance to the Lyceum is carried out on the base of a concourse having as a criterion of selection not only the possessed knowledge but a high level of the logical, creative and innovative thinking.

In the concourse can take part pupils of the pre-university institutions of Moldova. Possessors of the prizes of I-III degree (diplomas and gold, silver and bronze medals) of national and international Olympiads, winners of the competition “The best pupil-innovator”.

Details: http://liceu.asm.md/