In the Permanent Committee on Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications Rights


In the period of November 13-17, 2006 in Geneva take place XVI-th Session of the Permanent Committee on Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications Rights. In the agenda there are included the most important matters of the mentioned field on the international level. On behalf of the Republic of Moldova in the Session take part Mr. I Daniliuc, vice-president of director general of AGEPI, V, Bliuc, director of the Department Trademarks and Industrial designs< AGEPI and L. Goremichina, chief of the Section Industrial Design, AGEPI.

A special attention is brought to the questionary on the trademark right and experience in this field, new trademark types (trademarks of a single colour, holograms, animated or multimedia designations etc.). Appearing of the new trademark typs in the international practiceencouraged by the continued evolution of the communication means and of the commercial Strategies.

In frame of the Session it will be discussed a document on the international trademarks and common appellations for pharmaceuticals (INN). This document includes information on INN and interaction thereof with the trademarks, illustrating the actual procedure of INN lists publishing. The subject “Procedures of trademarks opposition” is of a special interest because it offers to the third parties information on the opportunity to oppose the registration of a mark in a prescribed term provided by the legislation in force. The subject “Trademarks and relation tereof with the literary and artistic works” is slightly illustrated in the literature of speciality. Correlation between these both brances of the intellectual property is based namely on the objects that may require protection both by the author right and by the industrial property right.

The particularities of industrial designs registration will be discussed from the point of vue that the systems of industrial design registration may be classified in two large categories ( the system of “filing” and the system of “examination”). The system of filing is namely an administrative procedure of filing the application on industrial design registration, whereas the system of examination of an industrial design is carried out by the office on performing all the conditions of protection and specially of the requirements as to substance (novelty and utility function).

The industrial designs and interaction thereof with the artistic works (furniture, decorations) and the threedimentional trademarks are examined in frame of the session from the point of wiev of correlation between them.