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Scientific Conference dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Alexandru Ciubotaru National Botanical Garden


The Scientific Conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Alexandru Ciubotaru National Botanical Garden took place on October 30 this year. The event was organized in the precincts of the Botanical Garden in hybrid format, with in-person and online participation.

The opening of the event was attended by the Minister of Education, Culture and Research Igor Sharov, the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Ion Perju, President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, acad. Ion Tighineanu, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) Viorel Iustin, directors of research institutions, rectors of universities in the field, botanist researchers, etc.

In the messages addressed to the participants, the guests brought high appreciation and homage to all those who contributed over time to the construction of the Botanical Garden and provided the staff of the prestigious institution with full support and collaboration. The President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova came to the event with a series of distinctions and mentions for the most prodigious researchers and breeders, who ensured and continue to strive for the scientific development of the field, including the late researcher of the Institute, Dr. Hab. Alexei Plancean.

In his welcoming speech, the Director General of AGEPI Viorel Iustin, mentioned that: “The cooperation of our institutions in the field of development, promotion and protection of inventors’ creations in the country has already become traditional. We are grateful for your contribution to disseminating knowledge on the benefits of intellectual property rights among breeders and inventors in the country. At the same time, we are very grateful for the special involvement of your institution in the ISE “Infoinvent” and the creation of the unique atmosphere.

Reiterating the congratulations on the occasion of the founding of the Alexandru Ciubotaru National Botanical Garden, I wish all those who work or have worked over the years in the institution much health, perennial creative youth, happiness and personal and professional fulfillment, effective collaboration with research and innovation institutions in promoting a favorable image of our country in the world.”

The first part of the Conference was dedicated to the anniversary of the Botanical Garden, supported by welcoming messages and scientific communications. In the second part of the event took place the launch of the monograph “Selected Works”, in 4 volumes, author acad. Alexandru Ciubotaru.

Created in 1950, the Alexandru Ciubotaru National Botanical Garden recorded a beautiful upward development, its combined efforts fruictifying with new results for the benefit of the citizens and the prosperity of the Republic of Moldova. Having a plant gene pool that includes over 10 thousand species and taxa, the institution has created, according to the ecological-systematic principle, exhibitions of inestimable value: Dendrariul, Flora Moldovei Sector, Pinariul, Ornamental Floricol Sector, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Sector, Siringariul, Lianariul, Garden tree with guided crown, etc., which fully contributes to the research and good knowledge of the vegetation of the native land.