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Come to INFOINVENT – The Largest Exhibition of Inventions in the Republic of Moldova


From innovative medical instruments, harmless and intelligent packaging for dairy products, PC work chair, banknote sterilization system, aphrodisiac natural balm, traditional style furniture, trolley suitcase, bag with solar battery and adapter with accumulator battery, collection of family footwear, clothing products for prematurely born babies up to manually assembled intelligent robots, and 3D printers. All these but also dozens of inventions, novel projects and creative products from over 10 countries will be presented at the Specialized International Exhibition “INFOINVENT”, which will be held from 15 to 18 November, in the Central Pavilion of the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo”.

The event, at its fifteenth edition, is organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) in partnership with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT) and IEC “Moldexpo” and with the support of the European Patent Office (EPO).

The exhibition will be attended by almost 100 institutions and enterprises, young creators and inventors from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, etc., which will present at the exhibition stands approximately 400 inventions, innovative and creative products/services, innovation and technology transfer projects, etc.

The works of the participants will be exhibited in 5 compartments: inventions, plant varieties and industrial design; innovative products and services; innovation and technology transfer projects; creation of youth and creative industries.

The official ISE “INFOINVENT” opening ceremony will take place on November 15, 11.00 o’clock, in the Central Pavilion of IEC “Moldexpo”. The inauguration ceremony is expected to be attended by members of the Government, guests from the Parliament, diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova headquartered in Chisinau and business environment, representatives of international and national organizations in the field of intellectual property, research and higher education institutions, inventors, researchers and creative young people.

An additional program of events, including conferences, seminars and workshops, will be held within the framework of the exhibition.

Thus, the International Innovation Conference with the title “Intellectual Property – Innovations – Quality of Life” will take place in the period 15-16 November, at the Wine House. The event is organized by AGEPI, in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and with the support of the EU Technical Assistance Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic of Moldova”. At its third edition, the Conference will address issues related to national policies and strategies in the field of innovation and intellectual property for the country’s economic growth; the role of innovation and intellectual property in business development and, respectively, the improvement of the quality of life; mechanisms for encouraging innovation and technology transfer, etc. The opening of the Conference will take place on November 15 at 13.30 p.m.

On Thursday, November 16, at 14:00 p.m., in the Central Pavilion of “Moldexpo”, will be organized a class master in the field of plaiting from vegetable fibers (husks) presented by the folk craftsman Natalia Cangea, with the participation of children from the Children’s Creative and Recreation Center in Criuleni.

On Friday, November 17, at 10:00 a.m., in the conference hall of the Central Pavilion of “Moldexpo” will take place the Stock of Inventions “Financing of Innovative Enterprises under the Horizon 2020 Programme”. The event is organized by the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

A workshop on patent information and validation system will also take place on November 17, starting at 11:00 a.m., in the Central Pavilion of “Moldexpo”. The event is organized by AGEPI, in partnership with the European Patent Office.

According to the exhibition’s program, the awarding ceremony for the winners of the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT” will take place on November 17, at 15.00 p.m., in the Central Pavilion of “Moldexpo”. Among the most important distinctions to be awarded should be mentioned: Award of the Government of the Republic of Moldova “Outstanding Inventor”; distinctions of the World Intellectual Property Organization; medals and trophies of AGEPI; mentions and diplomas of partners, etc.

On Saturday, November 18, at 11:00 a.m., in the Central Pavilion of “Moldexpo”, the State Agency on Intellectual Property, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, organizes a Follow-up with the main title “Creative Industries: From Idea to Business”. During the event, several speakers in the field of creative industries will share their own experience and talk about the substantial potential of this sector that could be an important asset in the social and economic development of the Republic of Moldova.

The International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT” represents an ideal environment for business meetings between inventors, researchers and representatives of the investment sector. It is a major event for the entire scientific and innovation community of the Republic of Moldova.

More information about ISE “INFOINVENT” can be found on the website: www.infoinvent.md.

We are waiting for you at the exhibition!