Журнал интеллектуальной собственности „Intellectus”

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Требования к оформлению материалов и статей

The journal of intellectual property, science and education “Intellectus” publishes scientific articles of the authors from the Republic of Moldova and other countries, focused on the theme and purposes of the journal, consistent in terms of scientific novelty.

To the editorial board shall be presented:

- the manuscript in electronic format: PDF version (signed and scanned) and WORD version. The original of the paper will be signed by all authors, indicating the date of submission (review) of the article;

- a portrait-type photo in JPG or TIFF format of each author.

Publishing languages

The journal publishes articles in Romanian and is open for publication of papers in English, French and Russian.

Structure and content of the article

The article will correspond to the following structure:

  • UDC (Universal Decimal Classification);
  • Title;
  • Author (surname, name, scientific/scientific-didactic title, ORCID, institution, position);
  • Abstract in Romanian and English;
  • Keywords;
  • Introduction;
  • Applied methods and procedures;
  • Results and discussions;
  • Conclusions;
  • References (bibliography list).

Editing requirements

Article format. Sheet: A4; font: Times New Roman (TNR), of 12 points, with diacritics; line spacing: 1.5 lines; margins: left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm, top and bottom - 2.5 cm.

Volume of the article: up to 12 pages.

Text alignment. In the paragraphs, the text will be aligned between the left and right margins (Justify); the first line of each paragraph will have a paragraph of 1.25 cm.

Title format. Article title: TNR font, 14 points, Bold, uppercase, center alignment (Center); subtitle: TNR font, 12 points, Bold, Left justified; subsequent titles: TNR font, 12 points, Bold + Italic, left justified (Left justified). Except for the main title, the others will have a paragraph of 1.25 cm.

Page numbering. All pages shall be numbered. The number shall be inserted in the page footer, right-aligned. Repeating or missing pagination is not allowed.

The tables shall be numbered. Each table has a title, Bold, which is placed above the table, right-aligned. The text in the table will be in TNR font, 11 points, line spacing - 1 line.

The figures (drawings, photographs, diagrams, etc.) shall be numbered and centered. Each figure has a title, Bold, which is placed under the figure, center-aligned.


The abstract is a summary of the article, one of the key elements of the scientific material. It briefly describes the purpose of the article, the methods and objectives of the research, some findings and results. The abstract must be clear, concise and attractive to readers. The volume of the abstract (100-150 words) shall be presented in Romanian and English. The abstract will be written without indentation, aligned between the left and right margins (Justify), with font size 11.

The abstract shall not contain citations and bibliographical references.


Keywords must be representative of the subject and/or field of the scientific article. They are written in the same format as the abstracts (without indentation, aligned between the left and right margins (Justify), font - 11). The keywords shall be presented in Romanian and English, in numbers of 3-7. For foreign authors, their presentation in Romanian is not mandatory.


The bibliography used will be presented in accordance with the national standard “SM ISO 690: 2012 Information and Documentation. Guidelines for Bibliographic References and Citations to Information Resources”, approved by the Institute of Standardization of Moldova. The author must use a single citation method throughout the text.

General scheme: Author. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication, page, IBSN (ISSN).

The detailed bibliographic references will be presented at the end of the article, in the order of their appearance in the numbered text. In the body of the basic text, the number corresponding to the bibliographic reference will be mentioned in square brackets.

In the case of electronic books and online monographic publications, the date of the last access to the link will be indicated in square brackets.

Examples of presentation of bibliographic references and citation of information resources are presented in Annex 9 of the Guide for writing a doctoral/doctor habilitate thesis, approved by the Decision of the ANACEC Administration Council No. 5 of December 19, 2018. The Guide can be found here: https://anacec.md/files/ghid-redactare-teza-final.pdf

Quotations will be made with the preservation of the original text and the use of quotation marks. Any changes to the text, even articulation, must be marked in square brackets. Round brackets will be used to mark the omission of part of the original text.

Papers that do not meet the requirements will not be published.

Address of the editorial board:

MD-2024, 24/1, Andrei Doga Str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova,

State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI),

Editorial board of the journal “Intellectus”

Tel. (37322) 188-586, 188-589

E-mail: stefan.secareanu@agepi.gov.md.