World Intellectual Property Day. What Activities Will Be Carried Out By AGEPI


Every year, on April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to promote the contribution of intellectual property (IPRs) rights (patents, trademarks, designs, plant varieties, geographical indications, and copyright) to the development of innovation and creativity.

World Intellectual Property Day 2019 theme is: Faster, stronger, higher! Reach for Gold: Intellectual Property and Sports.

In the program of events proposed by the World Intellectual Property Organization are also included the events that will take place at national level. To highlight the potential and role of intellectual property for the economic, cultural and social development of our country, AGEPI will organize a series of activities dedicated to this world-class event.

The debut of World Intellectual Property Day activities in Moldova will be held on 14 April, when the National Wushu Kungfu Championship will be held, organized by the State University of Physical Education and Sports, in which AGEPI will participate as a partner.

Another event is the European Championship Latin Youth, organized by the Moldova DanceSport Federation and the DanceSport Club “Codreanca”, on April 20-21. The participation of AGEPI as a partner in this competition will highlight the notoriety of the DanceSport as a world-class interpretative art of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the universal values sports encompass - excellence, respect and fair play.

In the list of actions dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day is the traditional Annual Intellectual Property Symposium “AGEPI READINGS”, 21st edition, which will take place on 24 April, in the conference hall of AGEPI. The Symposium will include interactive discussions on a wide range of current issues in the field of intellectual property.

The AGEPI Program also provides for the holding on April 26 of the Festive Meeting dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day, where representatives of the National Commission on Intellectual Property, Observatory on Enforcement of IPR, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, etc., are waited for.

The agenda of events also includes various activities dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day, such as public lectures, seminars, etc., addressed to students from the State University of Physical Education and Sports and other university institutions in the country, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to be among the participants in these activities carried out on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day. We invite you to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day together and explore how innovation, creativity and the intellectual property rights encourage and protect them support the development of sport and its enjoyment around the world.

World Intellectual Property Day has been celebrated since 2000 and April 26 is the day on which the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (1970) entered into force.

Here you can see the world map of events dedicated to WIPD: