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The Kaleidoscope of last innovations in the Exhibition “INVENTICA-2006”


In Bucharest, in frame of the Exhibition Complex ROMEXPO was developed the X-th International Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies “INVENTICA-2006”. The Anniversary will be organized in the period of October 3-7 under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Research of Bucharest which conferred a competent assistance to the participants.

Mr. Jean Luc Vincent, president of the Exhibition of Geneva and David Taji, president of the International Jury of the Exhibition of Geneva were honorary guests of the Exhibition “INVENTICA-2006”. On the current Exhibition there were represented over 210 inventions from Croatia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, and Iran.

The inventors of the Republic of Moldova represented 53 inventions elaborated in the different scientific institutions and Universities: National Scientific-Practical Center of the Preventive Medicine, State University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, „N. Testemitanu”, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Institute of Zoology of ASM, Institute of Genetics and Physiology of Plants of ASM etc.

The represented inventions were classified in 23 sections: protection of the environment, control of pollution, medicine, surgery, neurosurgery, agriculture, animals growing, sylviculture, energy, conventional and no conventional sources etc., being accorded 28 gold medals, 50 silver medals, 55 bronze medals. The best inventions of the Moldovan researchers were appreciated with 8 gold medals, 10 silver medals, 10 bronze medals.

ROMINVENT which possesses the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and one of Bucharest as a main shareholders, accorded 4 prizes each of 1000 dollars USA for the most valuable inventions represented on the Exhibition, between which there was an inventor from the Republic of Moldova – Mr. Constantin Spinu, representative of the National Scientific-Practical Center of the Preventive Medicine for the work “Method of treatment of the chronic viral hepatitis C”.

In the frame of the Exhibition, the State Agency on Intellectual Property accorded 3 gold medals: to the inventors Mircea Ciuhrii for «The pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical remedies prepared of the insects tissues”, Constantin Marin Antohi for the invention «Antibird device», to the collective of authors Ioan Gabriel Sandu, Ion Sandu, Tudor Bounegru, Carmen Ioan, Maricica Vasilache for the invention “Dispersion on the base of hydroxide of calcium for fixation of the ancient fresco, finishing and ornamental patterns made of marble, concrete and mortar”, and the cup of AGEPI was accorded to the organizers for the good organization of the jubilee exhibition.