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AGEPI takes another step towards the beneficiaries: First “Morning Talk” with economic agents


The State Agency on Intellectual Property comes closer to its main beneficiaries. For the first time, No.1 expert in the field of legal protection of intellectual property organized an informal meeting with the entrepreneurs in the country, those for whom a large part of AGEPI services are intended. “How do you protect your brand?”, “How does Intellectual Property help you have a competitive business?” or “What criteria does a trademark have to meet to be registered?” – are just a few questions from the economic agents, to which answered, while enjoying morning coffee, AGEPI experts, headed by the director general of the institution, at the initiative of which the event took place.

Lilia Bolocan, AGEPI Director General: “Such events come to reconfirm our openness to entrepreneurs, whom we have the mission to support, so that together we can contribute to the economic development of the country. The dialogue we had with our beneficiaries today should not be seen as an exception. Every day, AGEPI experts are at their disposal to provide them with comprehensive support in the field of Intellectual Property. Few know, but 10 years ago, to get a consultation from the institution’s representative, you had to pay. Since 2010, we have a free consultation room where you get the necessary assistance in the “tête à tête” format.”

“And in situations where we will not have answers, we will look for them at other institutions,” continued her thought Lilia Bolocan and, in confirming what has been said, alongside of her subordinates, the AGEPI Director listened to the “complaint” of those present. She later advised them on conflicts with competitors on the market and even the procedures for exporting goods, even if some issues approached by entrepreneurs exceeded the limits of the competences assigned to AGEPI. “Such an empathic approach from a state institution cannot fail to impress,” recognize the participants of the first “Morning Talk” with AGEPI.

Maria Anghelus, administrator, children’s clothing company: “It would be nice to have such discussions with all the state institutions we interact with, because it is impossible to know everything. When officials take a step towards us and we take a step towards them, both sides win. This meeting was useful to me – recently, we have concluded export contracts, we are going to launch the official website, to integrate the slogan into advertising, that is why we had many questions and the AGEPI experts gave me answers to them.”

In the chapters “Increasing the Level of Intellectual Property Culture” and “Educating the Beneficiary” there is still a lot of work to do, and this finding motivates the State Agency on Intellectual Property to implement unprecedented solutions that you will not find in the same profile institutions in the West, for example.

Lilia Bolocan, AGEPI Director General: “In general, the field of Intellectual Property is a segment where the state does not tend to provide support for entrepreneurs. If the economic agent does not afford to pay a fee, it means that its business is not viable. We try, however, to go another way and offer fair prices and substantial reductions to help and stimulate, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises, representing the Moldovan business in the proportion of over 90%.”

Thus, the participants in the “Morning Talk” with AGEPI learned from the first source that SMEs benefit from a 50%, 65% and 85% reduction for trademark, industrial design registration and patenting, respectively. Bonuses motivated most of the young entrepreneurs who are about to launch a business.

Doina Cernavca, young entrepreneur: “Such meetings are welcome because here we find the information that interests us from the first source. Being in the beginning – I want to launch a brand of transformable clothes for pregnant women and nursing mothers, which can then be adjusted on the silhouette – I came out here with a clear vision of what to do to register my trademark and not only. Our clothes have an innovative design, so I’m interested in how I can protect it. We do not want to find out that someone has stolen our “know-how”.

Towards the end of the discussion, Lilia Bolocan has told, in a relaxed atmosphere, the experiences of entrepreneurs who have invested hefty money in their business, completely ignoring the aspects related to the protection of business from the perspective of intellectual property.

Lilia Bolocan, AGEPI Director General: “Rebranding and additional costs are the last thing an economic agent wants. That is why I urge you to perceive us as a friend, to call us without hesitation, and if you are in a crisis of time, you should know that absolutely any interaction with us can be made online, including payment of fees. Just come to us to pick up the certificate.”

The event “Morning Talk” with AGEPI is at the first edition and will become a tradition. Those interested in the field of Intellectual Property are encouraged to follow the Facebook page of the State Agency on Intellectual Property to find out when the next informal meetings will be organized.