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17/08/2016 | Events

New Tariffs and Substantial Discounts for Legal Services in the Field of Protection of Intellectual Property Objects, approved by the Government

Moldovan Government adopted today, August 17, in the new redaction Nomenclature of Legal Services in the Field of Protection of Intellectual Property Objects , approved by Government Decision No.774 of 13 August 1997, presented during the meeting of the Executive by the AGEPI Deputy Director... Read more
10/08/2016 | Information

Franchising, an Advantageous Solution for Business Development

Franchising is a business development strategy, a form of commerce that connects a franchisor, owner of a trademark and holder of know-how, and an independent trader who is called franchisee. For the owner, franchising is a way to expand the business, and for the franchisee it is an opportunity to... Read more
02/08/2016 | Events

Videoconference with Representatives of the US Patent and Trademark Office

On 1 August this year, the specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated in a videoconference with representatives of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Videoconference has focused on the field of trademarks; in particular they talked about issues... Read more
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