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12/05/2011 | Events

Seminar “Geographical Indications, Appellations of Origin and Traditional Specialties Guaranteed - Opportunities to Promote Local Products on Domestic and Foreign Market”

State Agency on Intellectual Property, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, organized on 12 May, hours 11.30-12.30, in the central pavilion of the IEC “Moldexpo”, a Seminar entitled “Geographical Indications, Appellations of Origin and Traditional Specialties... Read more
11/05/2011 | Events

Advertisement to Interested People!

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on AGEPI Board of Appeals, approved by Government Decision no. 257 of 02.04.2009, under the provisions no. 05 and no. 06 of 10 May 2011, on May 23 and May 24, 2011, at 14.00, will be held the meetings of the AGEPI Board of Appeals during which... Read more
06/05/2011 | Events

Activities Conducted by AGEPI on the Occasion of Europe Day in the Republic of Moldova

On the occasion of Europe Day, event that will be registered in the Republic of Moldova during the entire month of May, the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI), along with other ministries and agencies in the country, organizes a series of events designed to... Read more
04/05/2011 | Events

Training Seminar in the Field of Patents

With the view of implementing the Twinning Project “Support to Implementation and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic of Moldova”, launched on November 1, 2010, in the period of May 3-5 this year, at AGEPI, which is the main beneficiary of the project, is held the training... Read more
03/05/2011 | Events

Advertisement to All Interested Persons, Applicants and Trademark Owners

World Health Organization (WHO) published the List no. 65 of international nonproprietary names for pharmaceutical substances ( Recommended INN: List 65. WHO Drug Information, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2011 ). This document can be accessed at: more
03/05/2011 | Events

PRESS REACTIONS. Concerning the Trademarks “НЕЗАВИСИМАЯ МОЛДОВА” and “MOLDOVA SUVERANA” in the Context of CPRM Statement of 04/14/2011 Appeared on

Being involved as intervener in the court disputes on trademarks referred to in the mentioned statement, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) informs the public on the following. All court disputes relating to trademarks “НЕЗАВИСИМАЯ МОЛДОВА” and “Moldova Suverana” are focused on the... Read more
28/04/2011 | Events

International Fair of Inventions and Practical Ideas “Invest-Invent RIS 21”

Romanian Inventors Society (RIS) and the Maramures Branch of the Romanian Inventors Sociaty, in partnership with the North University of Baia Mare, Maramures Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Municipality of Baia Mare, Maramures County Council and CS “Ramirez” JSC from Baia Mare, invite to the... Read more
28/04/2011 | Events

The 15th International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer and the International Conference “INVENTICA-2011”

The National Institute of Inventions (NII) and the Romanian Inventors Society, in cooperation with the Technical University “Gh Asachi” of Iasi, under the aegis of the National Authority for Scientific Research, unfolds between 8 to 10 June 2011 in Iasi, in the Auditorium of the Technical... Read more
22/04/2011 | Events

AGEPI and AESM Signed a Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Intellectual Property

On 19 April this year, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), represented by Dr. Lilia BOLOCAN, Director General of AGEPI and the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM), represented by the corresponding member of the ASM Grigore BELOSTECINIC, Rector of AESM, concluded a... Read more
20/04/2011 | Events

The negotiation of the Agreement between EU-RM on Mutual Protection of Geographical Indications for Foodstuffs, Wines and Spirits Came to the End

On 18 April this year, in Chisinau took place the initialing of the text of the Agreement between the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on the protection of geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs. Under this Agreement, our country will provide... Read more
14/04/2011 | Events

Press-release: World Intellectual Property Day-2011 “Designing the Future”

Every year, on April 26, Member-States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, which year after year becomes an increasingly popular event. The celebration is marked since 2000, and April 26 is the day when the Convention Establishing... Read more
14/04/2011 | Events

World Intellectual Property Day - 2011

Designing the Future Message from Mr. Francis GURRY, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Design touches every aspect of human creativity. It shapes the things we appreciate from traditional crafts to consumer electronics; from buildings and bicycles to fashion... Read more
14/04/2011 | Events

Program of Activities Dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day- 26April 2011 entitled “Designing the Future"

In accordance with the decision of the General Assembly of Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (09.25-10.03.2000, Geneva, Switzerland) to celebrate every year, on April 26, the World Intellectual Property Day, a series of activities devoted to this day is organized by the... Read more
05/04/2011 | Events

Innovative Development through the Prism of Intellectual Property Market and Exhibition “Intellectual Property-2011”

AGEPI informs the scientific and innovation community in the republic on the invitation of the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (РНИИИС) to participate in the works of the third International Forum entitled “Innovative Development Through... Read more
05/04/2011 | Events

AGEPI is in the Process of Drafting a Series of Regulations on Copyright and Related Rights

In order to carry out the provisions of Law no. 139 of 02.07.2010 on Copyright and Related Rights, which entered into force on 1 January 2011, AGEPI is in the process of drafting the normative acts subordinated to the above-mentioned law, namely: the Regulations on Registration of Objects Protected... Read more


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