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25/06/2010 | Events

Balance-sheet of the Contest “Invention of the Year-2009”

The Contest “Invention of the Year-2009” is annually held to popularize and support the innovational activity in our country, to stimulate the holders of titles of protection for inventions and utility models with the view of applying these results of intellectual developments in production and... Read more
25/06/2010 | Events

Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day -2010

The 15th year running, at the end of June is marked a beautiful and significant professional holiday – the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day, established by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Moldova no. 193 of 19.06.1995. Traditionally, the celebration of the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s... Read more
15/06/2010 | Events

World Expo-2010: “Pearls of the Republic of Moldova in Innovation, Research and Development Field”

A series of roundtables on “Pearls of the Republic of Moldova in Research, Innovation and Development Field” will be carried out between 14 to 19 June 2010 according to the Action Program within the National Stand of the Republic of Moldova presented at the World Exhibition-2010 in Shanghai, China... Read more
14/06/2010 | Events

Advertisement to Interested People!

According to the provisions of the Regulations on the Board of Appeals of AGEPI, approved by the Government Decision no. 257 of 02.04.2009, under the provisions no. 09 and no. 10 of June 14, 2010, the meetings of the Board of Appeals of AGEPI will be held on 29 and 30 June 2010, 09.00, during which... Read more
08/06/2010 | Events

Working Visit of EU Experts to AGEPI

The working visit of three European experts within the framework of the Project “Support to Implementation of Agreements between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union” is held in Chisinau between May 31 to June 10 this year: Eduardo Fano, expert in industrial property law, Gerda... Read more
08/06/2010 | Events

Conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement between AGEPI and the National Medicines Agency

Increase of the role of intellectual property in the economic development of the country and the need to respect IP rights in various fields of activity becomes more and more evident every day. Becoming aware of the economic and social importance of enforcing security measures for products in the... Read more
07/06/2010 | Events

Advertisement to All Interested Persons, Applicants and Trademark Owners!

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs about the publication of the following list (№ 63) of unprotected international appellations recommended for pharmaceutical products on the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO) to the address http://www.who.int/medicines/... Read more
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