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28/08/2009 | Events

WIPO facilitates on-line access to scientific journals

WIPO has launched a new partnership between public and private sectors in order to ensure free on-line access to a range of scientific and technical journals for the industrial property offices, universities and scientific and research institutions in underdeveloped countries, and for industrial... Read more
07/08/2009 | Events

The International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies and the Competition of the young people innovational elaborations „Novoe Vremea”

Between 24-26 September 2009 in Astana. Sevastopol, Ukraine will take place the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies “Novoe Vremea”. The Salon is a competition of inventors, and is at the same time, a market for sale the inventions, products and new technologies. In the frame... Read more
04/08/2009 | Events

An international conference examining the role of innovation in mitigating climate change

In the focus of the international conference on in intellectual property and general policy issues, recently organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was examined the role of intellectual property in the promotion, implementation and spread green technologies to combat... Read more
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