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27/02/2009 | Events

Evolution of the National system of intellectual property in 2008

The current time at 16-25 February there took place AGEPI balance sessions (in the departments), within which were outlined the major achievements of the Agency in 2008 being sketched AGEPI directions and main tasks for 2009. The impressive range of AGEPI activities, the first plan were enrolled... Read more
23/02/2009 | Events

Multilateral meeting on intellectual property issues in Brussels

On currently February 20 in Brussels, Belgium, there was held a multilateral meeting on intellectual property issues, organized by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Patent Office (EPO) for representatives of Moldova and Ukraine. The meeting followed a scope to promote the... Read more
21/02/2009 | Events

Tenth Session of the ASM Assembly

On current February 19 Academy of Sciences of Moldova held the tenth session of the Assembly of ASM activity results for 2008. The event was attended by Ms Zinaida Greceanii, Prime Minister of Moldova, ASM Assembly members, directors of institutions in the fields of science and innovation, rectors... Read more
20/02/2009 | Events

Dynamics of filing international patent applications in 2008

Filing international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation (PCT) in accordance with WIPO Treaty in 2008 increased by 2.4%, reaching 164000. In spite of the fact that the dynamic was modest compared with an average of 9.3% in the last three years, all applications submitted in 2008... Read more
13/02/2009 | Events

To the concerned persons – the CDs “Inventions protected in the Republic of Moldova”

AGEPI ensures access to the National Collection of Patents for inventions from RM and collections from other countries containing some 20 millions of documents stored on optical discs. In particular, it refers to Collection of patents issued in RM; Collection of European and international patents;... Read more
13/02/2009 | Events

The collection of abstracts “Reports on research in the field of science and innovation”

In order to promote the results of scientific research activity obtained by institutions and organizations in Moldova in the sphere of science and innovation projects, funded by state fully or partially, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) has developed and edited the Collection of... Read more
11/02/2009 | Events

Working visit to the European Commission

On current January 28 AGEPI took part in the EU-RM Bilateral Technical Meeting on issues of intellectual property rights protection, convened in Brussels by the European Commission. The meeting was chaired by F. Marchal, coordinating sectoral policy, DG RELEX, and D. Chirosca, Director general... Read more
04/02/2009 | Events

Welcome! Singapore Treaty on Trademark Law

On December 16, 2008 Republic of Moldova has deposited its instrument of ratification of the Singapore Treaty on the protection of trademarks. Under the Article 28 (2) of the Treaty it will enter into force three months after the deposit of instruments of accession or ratification by 10 states,... Read more
02/02/2009 | Events

2009 - European Year of Creativity and Innovation

At January 7, in the Czech Republic, the country holding the Presidency of the European Union launched the European Year of Creativity and Innovation - 2009, with the slogan “Imagine. Create. Innovate”. The ceremony took place in Prague, being present Jose Manuel Durao Barroso , European Commission... Read more
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