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26/10/2007 | Events

Contribution of AGEPI in the development of the intellectual property national system: 15-th anniversary of the activity

The 15-th anniversary of the State Agency on Intellectual Property constitutes an event having a special resonance for the integral community of the researchers, authors, applicants, owners and representatives in industrial property of our country. “This festive reunion offers the possibility to... Read more
12/10/2007 | Events

National seminar AGEPI-WIPO “Intellectual Property Management”: innovation, promotion and transfer of technologies”

The strategy of the intellectual property in the contemporaneous economy is world-recognized. The Republic of Moldova as a member-state of about 30 regional and international conventions, agreements and treatments, on the basis of which it is realized the protection of the intellectual property... Read more
08/10/2007 | Events

The General Meeting of WIPO States-Members

The General Meeting of 184 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) States-Members was open on the current September 24 with the election of the president of the meeting - M. Martin. I. Uhomoibhi, the ambassador and permanent representative of Nigeria at the UNO Office in Geneva. The forum... Read more
04/10/2007 | Events

Requirements for subscription to the AGEPI editions on 2008

Information for the beneficiaries of the AGEPI editions: The subscription to the AGEPI editions (The official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI), the journal of the intellectual property “Intellectus”, the supplements to the journal “Intellectus”: „Bursa inventiilor” and „AGEPI-INFO”) is... Read more
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