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Plant Varieties. International Patentability

Natural and legal persons of the Republic of Moldova shall have the right to freely choose the State in which they want to submit for the first time a patent application.

The applicant may apply to other UPOV member states for the grant of a plant variety patent, without having to wait for the grant of the patent for said variety by the authority of the State in which the first application was filed.

The variety for which protection is sought in the Republic of Moldova may be tested in another State where a corresponding bilateral or international treaty has been concluded with that State.

An applicant who has filed his first application in another State shall be required to provide information on the testing carried out in compliance with the requirements for variety protection in that State.

The costs of protecting a variety abroad shall be borne by the applicant.

Natural and legal persons from UPOV Member States shall enjoy rights granted by this Law on an equal footing with natural and legal persons from the Republic of Moldova. The provisions of this Law shall be applicable both in the case of bilateral agreements and on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.