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WIPO GREEN – The Marketplace for Sustainable Technology


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs stakeholders about creating the Register of Service Providers WIPO GREEN ROSP (WIPO GREEN's Roster of Service Providers) - an online register of service providers who are willing to provide assistance and consultancy in all areas of green technology and deal-making.

WIPO invites green technology experts, attorneys in intellectual property, engineers or environmental consultants to benefit from WIPO GREEN ROSP, to register their services for free and increase their visibility to the global green technology community.

WIPO GREEN ROSP Register launch will take place this fall, but those interested can preliminarily register by accessing:

WIPO GREEN is an interactive marketplace that promotes innovation and disseminates information about green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions.

WIPO GREEN consists of an on-line database and network that brings together a wide range of players in the green technology innovation value chain, and connects owners of new technologies with natural or legal persons looking to commercialize, license or otherwise access or distribute a green technology.

WIPO GREEN is a unique project that gather in one place new technologies at all stages of development, from upstream research to marketable products. These technologies are available for license, collaboration, joint ventures and sale.

WIPO GREEN’s objective is to become a go-to platform for green technologies. This target is on the way to achieve thanks to its growing network of project partners and innovative collaborations with major global technology databases. \

The WIPO GREEN database allows users to search green technology products, services and intellectual property assets, as well as post an announcement of a need. Anyone with a green technology can apply to add their technology to the Database of WIPO GREEN, searches being open to all those interested.

WIPO GREEN Network helps facilitate commercial relationships and transactions by connecting green technology providers and seekers, and acts as a gateway to a wide range of useful services.

WIPO GREEN is managed in partnership with several international institutions and organizations, which include: the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Climate Technology Centre and Network, International Chamber of Commerce, Japan Intellectual Property Association, LES International, Intellectual Property Advisors acting in the Public Interest, Siemens, United Nations Environment Program, UN Global Compact, etc.

For more information about WIPO GREEN, visit the websites:;;

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