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Ways of Promoting Intellectual Property in the International Specialized Exhibition “MOLDAGROTECH”


In the period 12-15 March 2014, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participates with an information stand at the International Specialized Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment and Technologies for the agro-industrial complex “MOLDAGROTECH”, 26th edition.

The event is organized by the IEC “Moldexpo” JSC in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova. The exhibition is attended by over 130 companies from 11 countries: Republic of Moldova, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, South Korea, Greece, France, Romania, Czech Republic, USA and Ukraine.

Of the total number of participants 70% are domestic companies and 30% - from abroad. They offer farm workers the most known local and international brands in all areas of the agro-industrial sector: machinery for agro-industrial complex, irrigation and water supply systems in agriculture, hydro plants, equipment for food and processing industry, fertilizers and plant protection means, seed material, agricultural plant intensive cultivation technologies, etc..

Traditionally, AGEPI specialists provide consultancy to economic agents from agro-industrial sector about aspects of the national intellectual property protection system, distributing and presenting promotional materials in the field to both economic agents present at the exhibition and visitors.

In the seminars and roundtables that take place in the additional program of the exhibition are discussed issues that concern the agro-industrial sector of the country.

On 13 March this year, AGEPI organized the Seminar entitled “Intellectual Property - Support for Organization of the Enterprise”. AGEPI specialists familiarized responsible persons from enterprises and research institutions with the importance and economic value of intellectual property objects, as intangible assets for economic development and enhancement of competitiveness on domestic and foreign market, presenting the advantages and opportunities they offer to owners, exclusive rights in intellectual property objects. Communications were presented on: “Intellectual Property and Its Role in the Development of the Enterprise” (Alina Fodea, senior specialist of Marketing, Services Division), “Aspects on Patenting Inventions” (Ala Gusan, Director of Inventions, Plant Varieties Department), “Means for Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” (Liviu Sibov, senior specialist, Litigation and IPO Legal Status Management Division). The participants in the Seminar benefited from a wide range of information having the possibility to consult the recommendations of the AGEPI specialists on the risks that can arise from not registering in proper time intellectual property objects, creation of a trademark to have a successful business, maintenance in force of a patent for invention, the procedure for on-line submission of applications for intellectual property objects using the digital signature, fees for services provided by AGEPI, and persons benefiting from tax exemptions and discounts on payment of fees, etc.

MOLDAGROTECH exhibition is one of the most important and prestigious events, organized by IEC “Moldexpo”, reflecting, along the length of over 20 editions, the key trends in the development of agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Moldova.