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Tuition Seminars on Intellectual Property at the Chisinau College of Transport


In December 2013, at the request of the Chisinau College of Transport, specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) organized a series of information seminars on intellectual property for the fourth-year students of the college entitled “Protection of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova”.

Thus, in the seminars held on 4 and 12 December, AGEPI experts familiarized the students with the relevant provisions of the national system of protection of intellectual property.

Among the communications presented to the students we should mention: “Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova. General Aspects” (Alina Fodea, senior specialist, Marketing, Services Division), “Ensuring the Enforcement of Intellectual Property” (Liviu Sibov and Rodica Popescu, leading lawyers, Litigation and IPO Legal Status Management Division) and “General Aspects on Copyright and Related Rights” (Vermeiuc Lilia, Chief of Registration and Examination Division and Sergiu Rotaru, senior lawyer, Control and Legislation Enforcement Division). The speakers talked about intellectual property objects and the possibility of their protection, brought concrete examples of what can be registered as a trademark, invention, industrial design, plant variety, geographical indication, designation of origin and specialized TSG and mentioned the legal provisions on the enforcement of rights and penalties imposed by law in the event of committing an act of piracy and counterfeiting of certain intellectual property rights.

Students have heard with interest the information presented by the AGEPI specialists, actively participating in the discussions on the topics.

The next seminar in the College will take place on 16 December this year.

Participants in the seminar have been distributed informational materials in the field of intellectual property, including leaflets “Stop Piracy” and “Stop Counterfeiting”.

Seminars mentioned fully fit in the Activity Plan developed by AGEPI with the view of raising the level of culture of the young generation in the field of intellectual property, training and information with regard to the necessity of enforcing intellectual property rights and the negative effects of piracy and counterfeiting phenomena on human health, but also economic, social and cultural development of the country.