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There were designated the laureates of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, sixth edition


On May 18 this year, within the premises of the Central Scientific Library “Andrei Lupan” of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, took place the festive ceremony for awarding the Laureates of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, sixth edition, organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Ministry of Education, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the ASM, State Agency on Intellectual Property and University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The ceremony of designating the laureates was attended by: Acad. Gheorghe DUCA, President of ASM, Tatiana POTING, Deputy Minister of Education, Acad. Ion TIGHINEANU, Prime Vice President of ASM, C.M. Ion GUCEAC, Scientific Secretary General of the ASM, Roman CHIRCA, Director of AITT, Dr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, Acad. Maria DUCA, Rector of the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Peter Parsons, Technology Transfer Specialist, UK, directors of institutes and organizations in the sphere of science and innovation.

The awarding ceremony was inaugurated by the President of ASM, Acad. Gheorghe Duca, who stressed the importance of this competition bringing together the most creative and most inventive students in the country. The 149 papers presented have demonstrated the ingenuity, creativity and inventive competences of the competitors in the field of information technology, mechanics, agriculture, ecology, energy, radio electronics, etc. These were assessed by a competent Jury, which included academicians, famous inventors of the republic, including AGEPI experts. After evaluating the works, there were designated the following winners of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, sixth edition:

First Prize, appreciated with the cup and a monetary prize worth 3,000 lei, was awarded to pupils Vadim Crucirescu, Vasile Bacal, Sergiu Pasat and Parascovia Mocanu from the College of Civil Engineering of Hancesti district, for the work “Process for reinforcing masonry elements and execution tool”;

Second Prize – the cup and a prize worth 2,000 lei were awarded to two works – to pupil Batovscaia Natalia, Gymnasium 3, Balti, for the work “Physics in Tales” and Veronica Sofroni, Republican Real-Profile Lyceum from Chisinau, for the work “Supplement for fodders “Micorm” – a product of mushroom industrial bioconversion waste”;

Third Prize – the cup and a monetary prize worth 1,000 lei were awarded for three works to the following twelfth-grade pupils: Dumitrita Spinu and Ana Sleahtitchi, from the Lyceum of the Academy of Science of Moldova, for the work “Cleansing milk and solid shampoo from natural products”, Dorin Prisacaru from the Theoretical Lyceum “Nicolae Casu” , Chiscareni, Sangerei district, for the work “Biogas - energy independence”.

At the same time, eight special prizes of 500 lei were offered by research institutions of the ASM, other departments and ministries. Two of the most ingenious works submitted for the competition were mentioned by AGEPI with the following distinctions:

AGEPI Cup and Diploma was awarded to the eighth-grade pupil Magaleas Vadim, Gymnasium of Sofia, Drochia district, for the cycle of technical creations “Corn cob processing unit and assembled rasp for preparing feed for animals”;

AGEPI Diploma was handed to the eighth-grade pupil Livadari Andrian, Theoretical Lyceum “Universul” from Scoreni, Straseni district, for the cycle of inventions in the field of radio electronics. Both mentions were accompanied by a monetary award in the amount of 1000 lei each and were handed over by Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI.

Also, in order to support the creative spirit of young inventors, AGEPI awarded to pupils participating in the contest, who have not benefited from special mentions, an encouraging prize worth 100 lei each.

The current edition of the Contest brought together 155 pupils from all districts of the republic and was organized in order to support and stimulate the achievement of creative and ingenious ideas of pupils in our country.