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Seminar-training "Licensing and protection of the computer programs"


On February 13-14, 2007 at 9.30 in AGEPI will start the seminar-training "Licensing and protection of the computer programs". The organizers of the seminar are the State Agency on Intellectual Property in the partnership with the "Microsoft" Company in Moldova and Business Software Alliance (BSA), Romania. The task of the seminar consists in the training of the national staff of the institutions connected to the protection and realization of the rights in the field of the computer program and performing the national Program of implementing the EU-Moldova Action Plan.

In the seminar will take part specialists in the field of informational technology, jurists and experts in protection of the copyright from AGEPI, "Microsoft" Company, Moldova and Business Software Alliance, Romania. The above mentioned specialists will represent communications on the necessity of the authorized using the soft in order to prevent crimes in the field of copyright on the computer programs. The users will be initiated in the problems, related to the computer programs and observance of the rights of use as well as consequences of their infringement by the illegal use.

As it is very difficult to establish the soft identification, the piracy programs being difficult to reveal, that is why infringement of the author rights on the computer programs achieved today a big amount. Owing to this fact, MAI and AGEPI signed with the Business Software were Alliance (BSA) an Agreement on reducing piracy in the field of the informational technologies, which provides for detection, prevention and common control of the criminality in this field. The actual seminar is included in the measures of propagation of the requirement of the Agreement.

The representatives of mass-media are invited at this seminar.