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Public Consultations on the Swiss Geographical Indication, To Be Recognized and Protected on the Territory of the Republic of Moldova


In the context of the negotiations on the Draft Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the EFTA Member States, taking into account that following the signing and ratification of the nominated agreement, the Republic of Moldova undertakes to recognize and grant legal protection on its territory to geographical indications of the EFTA States, the State Agency on Intellectual Property launches public consultations on the Swiss geographical indication, as follows:

Name to be protected English translation [1] Product category
(in English)
Product category


Swiss Cosmetics Cosmetics

In this context, AGEPI invites any natural person or legal entity, which has a legitimate interest, to submit reasoned objections to that protection.

The reasoned objections must reach AGEPI, in writing, including in electronic format to the following e-mail addresses: and

The reasoned objections submitted until 22.10.2021 will be examined.


[1] The translation is for information purposes only and does not determine the limits of protection