Protection of Intellectual Property Objects, Discussed during a Meeting AGEPI - JSC “Bucuria”


A working meeting was held on June 29, at the State Agency for Intellectual Property (AGEPI), attended by representatives of AGEPI and the company “Bucuria” JSC.

Certain topics related to the competence of AGEPI were discussed during the meeting, in particular regarding the protection, use and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The Director General of JSC “Bucuria” Tryakin Roman came up with the initiative to discuss and clarify certain aspects related to the registration procedure and the criteria for granting protection to intellectual property objects (IPOs), in particular trademarks. In addition, Tryakin Roman addressed the issue of enforcement of intellectual property rights and the legal procedures made available to holders of intellectual property rights to intervene in the decision-making process.

During the meeting, the Director General of AGEPI Viorel Iustin welcomed the initiative of the JSC “Bucuria” administration to clarify some specific aspects related to the registration of intellectual property objects, as well as the strategies to be implemented by companies with large portfolios of IPOs in order to ensure a higher level of their protection.

The Deputy Director General of AGEPI Natalia Mogol provided information on decision-making transparency within AGEPI, presenting the institution’s website. According to the request of JSC “Bucuria”, Natalia Mogol drew attention on the rights of third parties in terms of filing observations/oppositions at the stage of examining trademark applications and the opportunity to consult the Official Bulletin of Intellectual Property (BOPI) on trademarks submitted for registration to AGEPI. The trademark application examination guide was also presented.

In the context of a better understanding of the IPO registration and substantive examination procedure, in order to develop a balanced marketing strategy and avoid further conflict situations after the registration of IP objects, the representatives of JSC “Bucuria” came with the request to create a working group to train and familiarize factory representatives with the procedure of examination of IPO registration applications, in particular trademarks.

The proposal was accepted by the Director General of AGEPI Viorel Iustin, who stressed the importance and economic value of intellectual property objects, as intangible assets, for economic development and increasing competitiveness in the internal and external market.

At present, the Factory “Bucuria” is the largest enterprise specialized in the manufacture of confectionery production. The production volume constitutes almost 90% of the volume of candy production in the Republic of Moldova. JSC “Bucuria” is among the holders with the most intellectual property objects registered in the Republic of Moldova.