Promoting Indigenous Bee Products Using International Quality Systems


On Friday, August 7, within the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, was organized an international seminar held in the project Strategic Partnership for Beekeeping Development in the Republic of Moldova.

The event was organized by the National Association of Beekeepers of the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with the Rural Development Agency, Polish Chamber of Regional Products and Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The purpose of the meeting was to create a platform for communication between local and Polish producers with the view of a possible partnership for the recognition and promotion of indigenous bee products with Geographical Indications.

The presentations from the seminar were related to the European quality systems, the conditions for business development in beekeeping and the national legislative framework that relates to this sector of activity. Beekeepers from Poland brought examples of successful use of geographical indications in business development while highlighting the opportunities offered by the European quality systems, particularly that of geographical indications in using the indigenous regional bee products and the impact that might have the system of geographical indications in opening new markets.

State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) was represented at the seminar by Mrs. Natalia Mogol, Deputy Chief of Trademarks and Industrial Designs Directorate, who presented a report on ways to promote local products through Geographical Indications.

Also, in the seminar was discussed the potential of the Republic of Moldova in the field of geographical indications and the timeliness of this quality system for local producers.

At the end of the seminar, the National Association of Beekeepers of the Republic of Moldova declared that it seeks a lasting partnership with the Polish Chamber for initiating the recognition of some products with GIs and the realization of a forum of permanent communication for the development of this segment of production.