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Manifestations organized by AGEPI at the Academy of Economic Studies on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day-2013


On 25 and 26 April this year, within the premises of the Academy of Economic Studies (AESM), were held the Economic Contest “Today a Student, Tomorrow an Entrepreneur”, 5th edition, and the Theoretical Seminar dedicated to issues on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. The actions were organized in the Scientific Symposium of Young Researchers AESM-2013, by the Business and Business Management Faculty of AESM in cooperation with the State Agency on Intellectual Property and with the support of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The current edition of the Scientific Symposium of Young Researchers AESM-2013, launched on 25 April, was organized under the motto of World Intellectual Property Day “Creativity - The Next Generation”. The symposium was inaugurated by acad. Belostecinic Grigore, Rector of AESM, who welcomed the participants, noting in his speech the importance of research and innovation and, respectively, of intellectual property in economic development of the country and identification of the most effective solutions to overcome the crisis. Also, in the context of World Intellectual Property Day, Mrs. Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, mentioned the role of youth in promoting and harnessing new ideas to ensure progress. With a welcoming speech from the Director General of WIPO came before the participants in the Symposium, Ms. Yumiko Hamano, WIPO representative, who attended the given event.

In the Economic Contest “Today a Student, Tomorrow an Entrepreneur” participated 14 teams, of 5-6 first-year – third-year students, from various faculties of AESM. The competition is based on the entrepreneurial mini-game “Iron Entrepreneur”, the participating teams being supposed to submit to the Jury, within an hour, a business model, determining the target segment, methods to promote the new product/service, the operational plan, the resources available, etc. Current edition theme was “Business Ideas based on Eco-Innovations”, covering all forms of innovation activities resulting in or pursuing the significant improvement of the environment.

In the opening of the Contest a welcoming speech delivered acad. Belostecinic Grigore, rector of AESM, who wished the youth success and boldness in developing new business ideas, noting that: “The desire to be richer, freer is the engine of economic development of a modern society, for that the young people need to apply their knowledge here, at home, to pull Moldova out of poverty”, and emphasizing, in particular, the importance of research, innovation and technology transfer, areas which, under conditions when contemporary society is increasingly becoming a society based on knowledge and information, have a decisive impact on the development and prosperity of any nation.

The Contest Jury, composed by L. Vieru, Deputy Director, Promotion and Publishing Department, AGEPI, Yumiko Hamano, expert, Innovations Division, WIPO, Dr. Assoc. Prof., Ludmila Stihi, Director of the Business Training and Consulting Center, Eugen Hristev, Director General of “Trimetrica” ​​Ltd., official representative of the Company “Esri Inc”. (Environmental Systems Research Institute, California, USA), designated the winners of the fifth edition of the Economic Contest “Today a Student, Tomorrow an Entrepreneur”, as follows:

  • First place – team “iSmart”, presented the business idea: “Bio-Renewable Stationery”;
  • Second place – team “Generation Y” – business idea: “Solar Chargers”;
  • Third place – team “AsemNation”, presented the idea: “Tyre Recycling”;

Public sympathy – team “neWave”, with the idea of “Ecological Expertise Agency”.
Contest winners were presented with diplomas, including one set of publications offered on behalf of AGEPI by L. Vieru, Deputy Director, Promotion and Publishing Department of AGEPI, who suggested young people to be more original in their ideas and try to implement them in practice, participation in such contests being a good experience for future business projects.

The Theoretical Seminar dedicated to issues on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property of April 26 this year, was attended by students of the Business and Business Management Faculty, AESM, Faculty of Law of the State University “A. Russo” of Balti and the Academy “Stefan cel Mare” of MIA of the Republic Moldova.

The students presented a number of papers in the field of intellectual property, thus proving profound knowledge in this field: “The Importance of the Internet in Developing the Innovative Business Model”; “Trademark Evolution on Moldovan Market”; “Protection of Copyright and Related Rights by Means of Criminal Law”; “Protection of Copyright and Related Rights in Phonograms and Audiovisual Works on the Internet”; “Counterfeiting Damages in Business Environment”, etc.

The participants in the Seminar had the opportunity to exchange experience and information on issues of effective exercise of intellectual property rights, took note of the practice of the World Intellectual Property Organization on the promotion and protection of intellectual property rights, Ms. Yumiko Hamano, expert , Innovations Division, WIPO, presenting the communication “Intellectual Property – Tool for Economic Development”.

The seminar concluded with the awarding of the authors of the best communications, being presented First, Second and Third Class diplomas, as well as special prizes.