The IV-th Working Session of the Partnership National Club “Science and Business” - “Environment engineering, technology and ecologic pure products”


In November 28, 2006, at 16.00 it will take place the IV-th Working Session of the Partnership National Club “Science and Business” with a title “Environment engineering, technology and ecologic pure products”. The session will held in the hotel “National”, 2 floor, European Hall, bd. Stefan cel Mare 4.

In such a way, it is already a tradition a convocation of the representatives of the scientific community and of the entrepreneurship in order to create the medium for consolidation of the partnership relations and capital formation in the economy of the Republic of Moldova.

The organizers of the manifestation are: The Moldavian Research Development Association (MRDA), The Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) and State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), under the assistance of Civil Research and Development Fund of USA (CRDF).

The guests will be acquainted with different projects of the rubric: STEP success projects; The requests of the companies; Promotion programs; Promotion of the useful innovations; Grants program of the Europe Union on 2007-2013. Moreover, there will be represented and distributed “The Catalogue of Innovations. Top of Environment Engineering, Technology and Pure Ecologic Products”, v. 4.

As it is above mentioned, the event will join the representatives of the science and business as well as the representatives of the projects and national and international organizations: INTAS-Moldova, USAID/CEED, AMCHAM, BISNIS etc.