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It was launched the national stage of NOVATECA Program


On 27 March this year, International Research & Exchanges Board “IREX Moldova”, supported by the Global Libraries Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, launched, in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the national stage of NOVATECA Program.

The national NOVATECA Program aims to transform public libraries into community centers where Moldovan citizens will benefit from access to computers, modern information technologies and services with the help of librarians well-trained and ready to serve communities.

The ceremony to launch the national stage of NOVATECA Program was attended by Tatiana Poting, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, His Excellency William Henry Moser, U.S. Ambassador to Moldova, Deborah Jacobs, Director of Global Libraries Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Monica Babuc, Minister of Culture, Rob Cronin, Vice President of IREX Washington DC, Evan Tranz, Director of IREX Moldova, who expressed words of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities offered in this Program with the view of modernizing public libraries and diversifying library services.

The event brought together librarians from public libraries of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of central and local public authorities and partners of NOVATECA Program.

The event marked the start of the national phase of NOVATECA Program, with a period of five years and kicked off the first stage of selection of public libraries for their inclusion in NOVATECA network, equipment with computers and providing training programs for librarians on the development of new library services. Program implementation is worth U.S. $12 million, provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the modernization of 1500public libraries.

The reunion agenda included a panel discussion on “Partnership with Public Library: Benefits and Challenges” with the participation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Association of Librarians of Moldova, Electronic Governance Center, Communications Company “Moldtelecom” JSC, Global Development Organization “FHI 360”, being presented the peculiarities of NOVATECA program to modernize libraries.

In the framework of the event was organized an exhibition in which was exhibited a rich informative material reflecting the changes produced in the activity of libraries in several districts (Ungheni, Calarasi, Telenesti, Orhei, Ceadir-Lunga, Cahul, etc.) and in community life with the accession of these libraries to NOVATECA Pilot-Program. NOVATECA Pilot-Program was launched two years ago, and included 68 public libraries from 12 districts, being donated about 300 computers and peripheral equipment. In the Pilot-Program were created six regional training centers, where were trained 243 librarians in the field of using computers and creating new library services. NOVATECA network map in Moldova can be accessed at:http://novateca.md/ro/about-novateca/novateca-map

AGEPI participated in the event with an informational stand and distributed to librarians various information materials in the field of intellectual property.

We should mention that AGEPI and IREX Moldova signed in February this year a Memorandum of Understanding that provides for the bilateral cooperation with public libraries in the field of intellectual property. In this way, the Agency will benefit from all opportunities of collaboration with public libraries to facilitate communities’ and citizens’ access to information tools and literature in the field of intellectual property. Both certified librarians-trainers and AGEPI trainers will cooperate with a view to professional training of librarians in the IP field and organization of events on IP information of citizens in the libraries and consulting centers, and diversification of services provided and information sources used by librarians.

Details about NOVATECA program and the modality of online accession to the program you can find at: http://novateca.md/ro/