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The International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005”


On November, 9-12 this year on territory of the International Exhibition Center “MOLDEXPO”, the IX-th International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005” was held. This event represents an intellectual forum and fair of the inventions, new technologies, technics and materials.
The Exhibition “INFOINVENT” was significant scientific and technical demonstration, not only national, but also the international forum in which took part about 650 exhibitors which presented more of 2700 inventions and cycles of inventions during last 9 years in all priority areas of a science, economy, industry and agriculture, preservation of the environment and biotechnology, medicine and pharmacology, computer engineering and information science etc. The jury of the Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005” revealed the most actual and perspective scientific and technical achievements and awarded premiums and decorations instituted by organizers of the Exhibition.

The exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005” was held for the first time within the framework of the exhibition forum “CIS: the science intensive products and advanced technologies”, provided an opportunity of the scientific and technical community of republic to show to general public and business circles 361 inventions and cycles of the inventions created for the last 5 years. This event was a convenient occasion for establishment of various contacts with the purpose for attraction of the investments destined for implementation of the industrial property, transfer of the IP rights, useful exchange of the scientific and technical information as well as legislative acts in the intellectual property field.
The Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005” was organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Agency on Innovations and Technology Transfer as well as IEC “Moldexpo”.
Appreciation of the exhibits and award of premiums for the inventions, utility models, varieties of plants and industrial designs were carried out by the International Jury (the chairman was Mr. Ion Tighineanu, vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova) and the Commission of experts (the chairman was Mr. Boris Gaina, general scientific secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova) authorized by the decision of the Supreme Council on Science and Technological Development from November 3, this year.

Thus, the Premium “The best inventor of year” of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the money award at the rate of 5000 Lei won Mr. Ion Bostan academician, rector of the Technical University of Moldova which developed Systems of transformation of kinetic energy of water. The AGEPI Grand Prix and premiums at the rate of 1500 Lei was awarded to Mr. Valerian Dorogan, prof., vice-rector of the Technical University of Moldova for the cycle of inventions in the field of optoelectronics. The Institute of Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Institute of crops “Selection” won in the nomination “The most representative participation at the exhibition”. Mrs. Lydia Cherempej (the State university of Medicine and Pharmacy “N.Testemitanu”) was entitled “The best inventor of the year among women” for elaboration of new methods of diagnostics of various children's diseases. Ms. Daniela Radu, 16-years old from Romania was entitled “The youngest inventor of year” for the invention of system of glycemia definition as well as indication of medicines prescriptions.
The AGEPI premium for “The Best design” was handed to Ms. Elena Postolachi (Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova) for utilization, modernization and promotion of national traditions in design of textiles.

The International Salon of inventions and new technologies “New time” from Sevastopol (Ukraine) was awarded with the special diploma for the launch and promotion of innovative activity and a transfer of technologies, but the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trade marks (OSIM) won the premium for promotion of the intellectual property.
The international Jury and Commission of experts selected the most significant from 361 exhibited inventions (including cycles of inventions) and awarded 17 gold, 37 silver, 30 bronze medals and 49 distinctions. Moreover, there were handed the premium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (2 premiums at rate of 1500 Lei for implementation of the inventions developed by the National Center of Preventive Medicine and Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova), as well as to the Moldavian American company “Biomarketing Group Moldova”, to the Forum of the Romanian inventors, to the Association of Inventors of Romania and to the guests from Ukraine.
The awards of the International Salon of Inventions and New technologies “Brusells-EUREKA” (Belgium) and the International Salon of Inventions, New technics and products in Geneva (Switzerland) were handed for the first time this year within framework of exhibition “INFOINVENT”. Academician Valeriu Rudic, director of Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova as well as prof. Aurelian Gulea, head of Chair of the State University of Moldova were awarded for special merits and many years promotion the inventions developed in Moldova.
The competition on rewarding by the WIPO Gold medal “Outstanding inventor” and WIPO Trophy “Innovative enterprise” was organized within the framework of the exhibition “INFOINVENT”. The commission on rewarding (authorized by the Decision of the Government № 933 from September 12, 2000) awarded the title of the winner of the WIPO Gold Medal to Mr. Stefan Odajiu, the known inventor and businessman, director of the company “Vinex Victoria”. The Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova won the WIPO Trophy “Innovative enterprise”.
Besides of that, the results of republican competition “The Prize for innovations and creativity” instituted by AGEPI for third time were declared on closing ceremony of the exhibition. The winner of this competition became enterprise EURO-ALCO SRL (in the section “Business, production, rendering of services”) and the State University of Moldova (in the section “Scientific researches and higher education”). These organizations possess the most impressive portfolio of industrial property patented/registered in the AGEPI within last 12 months. Diplomas for 1-5 places were awarded accordingly within framework of this exhibition as well.

The winners of competition among the journalists which most actively described the intellectual property topics became Ms. Valentine Malicova (the weekly “Arguments and Facts”). She was awarded the I-st premium at the rate of 1500 Lei. Mr. Dmitry Sidorov (journal “Business of Moldova” was awarded the II-nd premium at the rate of 1000 Lei, Ms.Ana Mutu (Press Agency “Flux” ) was awarded the III-rd premium at the rate of 750 Lei. Others 5 journalists are mentioned by diplomas and incentive prizes. The main criteria of appreciation of the competitors were professionalism and the approach to the topic of the intellectual property protection; profundity and originality of the factual statement; documentary accuracy and citing of sources, knowledge of described area.
The seminar on a theme “System of the intellectual property protection in the Republic of Moldova” was organized within the framework of the Exhibition “INFOINVENT-2005”.The purpose of this seminar was acquaintance with theoretical and practical aspects and promotion of the intellectual property as well as creation of favorable conditions for cooperation of economic agents with inventors and innovators. The representatives of the exhibitors, students and other interested physical and legal persons took part in this seminar.

More than 80 R&D institutes and universities, the small and middle enterprises and other companies of the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine presented new elaborations. Taking in consideration that “INFOINVENT” fulfils preliminary selection of the most significant elaborations for future participation at the international exhibitions of inventions in Geneva, Brussels, Pittsburgh, Casablanca, Bucharest, Iasi, Moscow, Kiev, etc., undoubtedly the best of them will be mentioned at these representative forums.