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International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Place Where Gather Together the Most Creative People in the World


International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva - 2011 - with 785 exhibitors from 45 countries, 79% of enterprises and universities, 21% of private inventors and researchers, more than 60,000 visitors from five continents and 650 accredited journalists - is the most prestigious international event in the field of inventiveness. The 39th edition of Exhibition will be held in the period of 6-10 April 2011 in the Exhibition Center “Palexpo” under the high patronage of WIPO, the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland’s State Council, and of several national and international organizations.

Every year, industrial and commercial enterprises, state institutions and organizations, researchers and inventors around the world exhibit here about 1000 unusual inventions, novelty being the main condition of presentation. The Exhibition is a good opportunity to meet investors, industrialists and economic agents, but also the place where the public is invited to discover technologies that will facilitate the life in the near future. In this sense, the Exhibition does not submit any limitation on the scope addressed by inventors, being allowed any kind of invention: from the most modern aspects of science and technology to toys and household items.

Besides the interest in finding partners, exhibitors are given the opportunity to evaluate their inventions, judged by a very competent international jury, consisting of over 80 specialists, inventors awarded in previous editions, renowned university professors or researchers in various fields of science and technology. The most relevant inventions are mentioned with dozens of special awards, including the most coveted - the Grand Prix of the Exhibition.

The first World Exhibition of Inventions was held in 1972, being organized by the Swiss Jean-Luc Vincent, who today, after 39 years, is president-founder of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Mr. Jean-Luc VINCENT visited the Republic of Moldova in 2003 and attended the inauguration of the ISE “Infoinvent” organized by AGEPI in collaboration with other institutions, highly appreciating the good organization and exceptional quality of elaborations presented by inventors and scientists participating in the exhibition.

It is clear that in order to be successful in the market, an invention must be known to a wider circle of potential users. The Inventors Community from the Republic of Moldova for more than a decade persevere in making their elaborations publicly known in western Europe, which is more responsive to the appearance of anything new, each time winning the most valuable awards.

AGEPI has already an impressive experience to support such actions for the promotion of new technical solutions created by local inventors. The recent edition of The Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva will present an exhibition stand on the IP system in our country and the best works of the national inventors. Also, AGEPI established a cup and three medals to award the most perspective works of the Exhibition winners.

National coordinator of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, responsible for the presentation of the exhibition stand of the Republic of Moldova is the academician Ion Toderas, director of the Institute of Zoology of the ASM.

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