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Innovations and New Technologies – Sources to increase SME Competitiveness


“Innovations and New Technologies – Sources to increase SME Competitiveness” was the topic of AGEPI communication presented in the Panel 3 “Innovation and Competitiveness” of the International Conference of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises “SMEs – A Way to European Productivity”, held on October 2, 2014, in the Palace of the Republic.

The works of this Panel were attended by representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, specialists of ODIMM, AGEPI, international projects that support SME sector development in our country.

Panel’s Agenda included three communications presented by Mrs. Iulia IABANJI, Director General of ODIMM, Mr. Aurel CASIAN, Director of Competitiveness Enhancement Project Implementation Unit of the World Bank, Mrs. Svetlana MUNTEANU, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, and two success stories presented by Mr. Stefan SANDIC, founder of LTD “Faguras de Aur” and Mrs. Natalia BOLOHAN founder of LTD “Benado-Prim”.

The works ofPanel 3 of the International Conference were moderated by Mrs. Lilia PALII, State Secretary and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova.

“We try to promote goods and services on the European market, which is already mature and with high purchasing power. Thus, intellectual property can offer us the chance to enter this market and gain performance”, said Mrs. Palli.

In her speech, Mrs. Svetlana Munteanu brought greetings to the organizers for the idea of ​​addressing the issue of innovation – namely, to increase competitiveness through innovation and use of intellectual property (IP) potential for the development of SMEs.

“Both the National Development Strategy “Moldova 2020” and other policy documents, establish as a priority for improving the competitiveness of the national economy, the way of innovational development and this way, in contemporary times, has no alternative. Intellectual products, information and knowledge, spiritual, scientific and cultural potential of contemporary society are the driving force of sustainable development and determine the economic competitiveness. In the era of globalization and international competition, intellectual property potential to generate income is as important as the access to resources or the possibility to have an industrial base”, said Mrs. Munteanu.

Also, in her communication, Mrs. Svetlana Munteanu mentioned that inventions and new technologies are strong tools to enhance SME competitiveness. Also, statistical data show that SMEs in the Republic of Moldova are not very active in the chapter of patenting inventions. Instead they can successfully use the information about inventions, about new technical solutions with respect to products or processes accessing the databases in the field of inventions. Patent information is important for SMEs because:

  • It is a unique source of technical information for strategic planning of the company’s business development. SMEs can learn about the development of science and technology in the interested area before the innovative products appear on the market;
  • It allows SMEs to identify alternative solutions to be in step with the technological development in the world;
  • From a commercial perspective, it allows SMEs to find their partners, to be aware of competitors’ activity etc. and last but not least - to avoid problems of violation of the right to patent.

Participants in the panel were informed about the technical information contained in databases in the field of patents. Thus, in these databases are found 80-90% of new technical information, of which over 90% of the patents relate to product development, improvements or production methods, and about 50% of the for product production processes are known and have already been developed. This information can help SMEs to avoid unreasonable costs and violation of third parties rights, while permitting to freely use inventions which are not protected by an exclusive right.

Thus, for documentation purposes any interested person can access free of charge the AGEPI website, database “Inventions” http://www.db.agepi.gov.md, and other international databases in the field of patents, in which they will find new technical solutions in the field in which they activate, including:  http://www.wipo.int/ipdl/en/resources/links.jsp;


http://ep.espacenet.com/ ; www.patentstorm.us/;


 www.google.com/patents etc.

Mrs. Svetlana Munteanu also brought to the knowledge of those present at the panel the information on the facilities offered by the AGEPI to small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of requesting the protection of intellectual property objects and the opportunity of SMEs to benefit free of charge from the intellectual property pre-diagnosis service provided by the AGEPI specialists.

At the same time, AGEPI has spread to SMEs participating in the conference a set of information materials in the field of intellectual property (portfolios, brochures, and booklets).

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