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Emergency Legal Advice for SMEs


Entrepreneurs who face a problem or do not know how to proceed in a certain situation can consult the answers provided by lawyers in the guide of Emergency Legal Advice for SMEs. The document was recently published by the Economic Council under the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

The document presents guidance information and answers that explains and provides general advice based on local legislation and practice. The information relates to topics related to contractual issues and online commerce, labor relations and tax facilities, litigation and insolvency. The publication contains practical guidelines necessary to identify the best course of action in circumstances of financial danger and commercial uncertainty caused by the pandemic crisis, in order to build the resilience of the business.

The guide was developed during 2020, based on questions received during several webinars in which the situation of entrepreneurs during the pandemic crisis was discussed. The publication was developed in partnership with the Economic Council under the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, the Associated Law Firm of Gladei and Partners, the EBRD SME Finance and Development Team and the Legal Transition Team.

The document can be accessed at the following address: