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The Current Situation in the Field of Geographical Indications, Discussed During a Meeting at AGEPI


The Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Viorel Iustin, had a meeting today with the businessman Vugar Novruzov. The current economic and cultural situation in the Republic of Moldova, the challenges faced by the companies in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions and the role of intellectual property in ensuring economic sustainability and promoting successful business were discussed during the meeting.

AGEPI Director General highly appreciated the businessman’s contribution to the promotion of traditional local products and thanked him for his disinterested support in registering the first traditional specialty guaranteed of the Republic of Moldova: Plums Stuffed with Walnut Kernel. Viorel Iustin mentioned that the Agency has made and will continue to make sustained efforts to create in our country a strong system of protection and promotion of geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed.

Vugar Novruzov wanted to mention that he is honored to contribute to the development and promotion of the image of the country that has become a second homeland and feels obliged to provide full support for its prosperity.

During the meeting, other topics were discussed, such as increasing the level of education in the field of intellectual property, the importance of ensuring a solid protection of intellectual property rights, exploitation of the country’s intellectual and cultural potential and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with other states and core international organizations.

Vugar Novruzov carries out activities in the Republic of Moldova in various fields and records impressive results everywhere. For 15 years he was also the leader of the Azerbaijani community in Moldova. He is also known as one of the most generous patrons, sponsoring so far several important projects in the field of culture and not only.