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Contest “The Invention of year”


The active creative and inventive spirits have always been in the foreground of the struggle for the novelty and for the affirmation of any ideal. Nowadays, it is the most necessary quality of our society when we need to recover the economic and productive climate, to reaffirm the real values of the humanity in the everyday life. With this view, for stimulation of the innovative, researching and creative activity of each person, promotion of the role of innovations in the recovering the economy of the Republic of Moldova, AGEPI organizes a Competition “ The invention of the Year”. The conditions of participation and modality of applications examination and awarding the prizes are regulated by the Regulations adopted by the Order No. 66 of April 22, 2004 of the Director General of AGEPI. This competition will contribute to increase the number of the filed applications for inventions and implement thereof in the industry, to the profound information of the industrial property objects applicants on the importance of the industrial property protection. To the competition there are admissible inventions and utility models protected by patents and certificates being in force in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad, received in the period of 2 years - December 31, of the calendar previous year and that have a positive impact on the national economy development, resolving the problems relating to the current necessities of the life: technique, transport, chemistry, food industry, textile, mechanics, electricity, physics and other fields. Especially, there are high appreciated inventions and utility models included in the process of production and having a high economic effect.

The competition “ The invention of the Year” is organized by the State Agency on Industrial Property Protection and Unity of the Inventors and Rationalizers “Inovatorul” of the Republic of Moldova and is a national annual competition. It is organized with a view to popularize and promote the innovational activity in the Republic of Moldova, to stimulate the owners of the titles of protection on the industrial property objects (inventions and utility models) to implement the results of the intellectual activity and attract the foreign and native investments provided for the evaluation of the innovations in the technical-economic domains.

The Organizational Commission has following functions:

  • gathering documents represented by the competition participants;
  • examination of represented documents, including the conclusions of the experts;
  • determining the laureates of the competition, organizing the ceremony of awarding the prizes.

The Organizational Commission forms a group of the experts, consisting of the specialists in the field of industrial property legislation and marketing, which shall examine inventions and utility models represented to the competition and shall execute the professional independent analysis thereof. The group of experts shall act under the direction of the Organizational Commission. Persons interested to take part in the competition shall file a statement on participation with a copy of the title of protection, documents confirming the implementation of the invention in the industry in the country and/or abroad, and/or volume of commercialization during the year of competition in the country and/or abroad, extract/copy of the license contract, documents confirming participation and/or mention at the national and the international exhibitions of inventions and utility models. Additionally, there can be represented documents and other materials confirming the utility of the invention.

The Competition is carried on the following nominations:

  • “The invention of the year” (the prize – 5000 Leis)
  • “The invention of the year created by the young inventor” (the prize – 3000 Leis)
  • “The utility model of the year” (the prize – 3000 Leis).

For participation in the nomination “The invention of the year created by the young inventor” the author or each of the coauthors of the invention shall not exceed the age of 35 years. For each nomination it is instituted a gratuity and a diploma of mention awarded by AGEPI to the inventors. The gratuity for the nomination “The invention of the year” constitutes 5000 Leis and “The invention of the year created by the young inventor” - 3000 Leis to each inventor.