Competition “Invention of the year – 2007”


The State Agency on Intellectual Property informs on the IV competition “INVENTION OF THE YEAR – 2007”.

The aim of this competition consists in popularizing and sustaining the innovational activity in our country, stimulation of the holders of titles of protection on the inventions and utility models in relation to implement in the production the results of the intellectual elaborations and involving the national and foreign investors in the process of valuation of the scientific-technical innovations.

The priority is accorded to the inventions and utility models implementation of which in the producing process gave an economic benefit.

To nowadays Competition edition there are admitted inventions and utility models the legal protection of which was obtained in the period of January 2 – December 31, 2007.

The Competition will be carried on in the following nominations:

  • “Invention of the year”
  • “Invention of the year created by a young inventor” (up to 35 years)
  • “Utility model of the year”.

Persons wishing take part in the Competition shall file a request in accordance with the enclosed forms.

Conditions of participation, modalities of examination of the requests and awarding the prizes are regulated by the Regulations approved by the Order No. 16 of February 2006 of the Director General AGEPI.

The requests being received by the Organizational Commission up to March 2008 on the address: Andrei Doga str. 24/1, MD-2024, Chisinau, office 520, de contact telephon 400-591.